Where Amazing Happens- 2011 nba playoff approaching-numb

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25 Responses to “Where Amazing Happens- 2011 nba playoff approaching-numb”

  1. lilotadog

    Hell yes

  2. gum ss

    0:47 EPIC! X

  3. andrea cocchi

    i like this !!!

  4. domyo9

    What’s the song?

  5. ale95sf

    what’s the song?

  6. Ramon Tico

    gives me shivers

  7. TheJonathon77

    Bulls vs lakers finals!

  8. TheJonathon77

    Lakers 2013 champions!!

  9. SuperCurrans

    I got goosebumps watching this.

  10. supersmart96


  11. TheJonathon77


  12. fesdude100

    i love how in one ear u hear the music and in the other ear u hear him talking makes it so fuckin motivational

  13. 24kobebr

    thanks a lot man!!

  14. hokage2423

    the old man talkin well put inch by inch the background music put epic emotional and pick the second video

  15. ZeroLeonheart96

    Immediate Music- Serenata Immortale

  16. 24kobebr

    i can’t find it:/

  17. hokage2423

    the song is epic emotional music avatar

  18. 24kobebr

    what’s the name of the song?

  19. MrClippersRule

    Im totally pumped up now

  20. AnonymousXM8

    that was a little boy, and if i remember it correctly, it was in the 2009 playoffs against the orlando magic, and glen davis’ baseline j helped the celtics clinch the win on the road.

  21. MrMakachuche

    lol it was close though

  22. 67BreizH

    Boston gonna reach the final , they’ll do it this year , Go Celtics

  23. 9999able1

    fraud this video is nba desire happens fraud u fagot

  24. ThePumpkinpimp10

    no body said that man where the hell didi you see that?

  25. jkts26

    this is not 2011 playoffs

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