Top 5 Plays of the Night: NBA Finals Game 5

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24 Responses to “Top 5 Plays of the Night: NBA Finals Game 5”

  1. TheAnvilMan

    If you honestly believe one on one is a true measurement of skill in the NBA, then I can already be assured that you have no clue what you’re talking about.

    Thanks for the laugh though.

  2. MrLokybacje

    c’mon guys wtf is this?!? everyone is sitting.. you have to watch this /watch?v=A15EfelceLY

  3. ChickenConPolloHD

    A even bigger ballhog acording to the original comments logic.

  4. Rolan Reynacido

    not ballhog?

  5. ChickenConPolloHD

    Yet he averages more assists then Durant. So what does that make Durant?

  6. SwiftDemise9

    i really have no idea how in gods name lebron james even made it to the nba id kill to have a one on one with him and show him how basketball is played

  7. jesssparrra

    Just like there will never be another Jordan, there will never be another lebron. His ball handling skills for his height are unmatched, he’s also arguably the best passer in the NBA, not to mention a more improved post game, can occasionally knock down the 3, this guy is the total package and as a heat fan i’m glad he came to south beach. Let’s repeat heat!

  8. kpoohs

    man this shit still painful to watch lol

  9. Slim Duke

    yo guys me and my friend grind every day to fullfil our dream as harlem globetrotters. plz just take a second and check out my vids it trully means the world to me. god bless and thank you

  10. DizzleProHD

    fun fact: Kobe can suck my balls

  11. Alexander Matzavinos

    nba fans you gotta see this!! /watch?v=FKrfQFK4X4I

  12. Alexander Matzavinos

    NBA fans you gotta see this!! watch?v=J-egGW6zMoU&

  13. geeronnor

    /watch?v=IRSEmOvRE24& watch this vid guys

  14. MrEboythegreat

    fun fact: kobe can kiss my ass all day long

  15. TheFilipinoBoxer

    all bow down to the king. may all snake lovers burn at the stake

  16. jelani jackman

    thank u mike why not do that last year vs. the MAVS

  17. jelani jackman

    what is kevin doing while lebron is rebounding the ball like 5 times

  18. tayoshi2

    james can defend 1 through 5..jordan cant, infact jordan wasnt even the best defesive pplayer on his team! PIPPEN WAS..he was called upon to shut down the other teams best player.. when it comes to DEFENSE james is better…

  19. Shmitee

    Are you fucking kidding me? Michael Jordan was one of THE best defensive players while he was in the NBA. He was named in the NBA All Defensive first team 9 times and also won NBA defensive player of the year in 1988. No doubt that James is a phenomenal player, but to say that he’s more versatile than Jordan because Jordan was ONLY good at offence is just laughable……

  20. andres21595

    LOL at this James and Jordan talk; LeBron won a ring begore Jordan did and came into the NBA at a younger age, so all you Jordan fanboys that don’t know anything shut up. Yes, Jordan is the best player to play the game, but no doubt that James is more versatile than him because James can get it done in both ends of the court, whereas Jordan is just unstoppable at scoring. And that’s that.

  21. MyKey58

    fun fact : stfu. aha

  22. chiness07


  23. kennysdead500

    Fun Fact: Kobe FYE

  24. Mike duce

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