Top 10 Plays of the 2012 NBA Playoffs

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25 Responses to “Top 10 Plays of the 2012 NBA Playoffs”

  1. lukewalker06

    sounds like the start of ‘hello its me’ on repeat

  2. basketballmoe1

    Check out lots of NBA highlights on my channel!

  3. EduFabolous

    no, Rondo grabbed his leg!

  4. EduFabolous

    yh wassup with that

  5. 626ro

    westbrook celebrated like he won the nba championship

  6. imthebbb

    0:40 durant got faked nasty!

  7. Xx25BeasT96xX

    That’s Marc Gasol :p

  8. ProphayzeHD

    2:09 Westbrook went crazy ape hah

  9. dwaynewade200

    how does rings in the past say lebron isnt the greatest right now? you saw his dominance in the play offs and the olympics cmon now, better than kobe hands down, look at the stats bud

  10. Anameplsszs

    0:28 kevin wants the loveeeeeeee

  11. MIke Heath

    ginobli made durant look like an idiot, perfect fake

  12. davisgreen2020

    That is why for me NBA basketball is the ONLY sport worth watching on TV or better still live!!! Amazing!!

  13. Wyatt Kittle

    LeBron’s the best but there aren’t other types of players in the NBA other than NBA players. 😛

  14. Jorge André Morgado Cruz

    no5 <3

  15. Phily Sixer

    griffin used his feet

  16. Canefanforlife1

    @TryxuHard if he didn’t hang on the rim he would flattened out rondo so they allow you to hang If some one is in your landing Zone

  17. jacopo qwerty


  18. alessandro carfagna

    Kobe is the best man.. lebro?just one ring…1 on 3 in the finals apperences… great numbers…but is not at the same levelthen kobe…even MJ!!!

  19. TryXuHard

    wow lebron shouldve got a tech for hanging on the rim

  20. BestUsername25

    only one miami heat play? i think thats wrong they had some amazing plays…

  21. BestUsername25


  22. Joshua Yeatman

    Lebron “KING” James is the best nba player in the NBA.

  23. ajjayjenkins

    2 was better than 1

  24. eliazzortega

    Seriously you made this account just to say that?

  25. Connor Mayner

    rondos behind the back fake against miami should have been in there

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