Terrence Jones Highlights – NBA Debut – 10/10/2012

Movie Score: 4 / 5

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20 Responses to “Terrence Jones Highlights – NBA Debut – 10/10/2012”

  1. clayelkins85

    02:02 Damn, Machado can sure pass the ball. I’m glad he made the team. I hope he develops his offensive game.

  2. corinth202

    Sit Patterson’s butt down and start this guy

  3. apctool81

    @lorenshyne wish granted. Lol James harden to Houston. Woulda like to have kept lamb but I think Jones and white are gonna hold it down.

  4. dorkod

    this was a good draft class.

  5. kehwa

    I didn’t say Matt…

  6. Lorenshyne

    who is Bill and who is Matt?

  7. Lorenshyne

    Me too lke the young ones in Houston, but i abs not feel Kevin Martin anymore. I think they should dump him, coz he can score and thats all and he is gettind old.

  8. DeSeanBigBlueNation

    Terrence Jones is going to be good in the NBA. He might not become a superstar, but I expect he will have a long NBA career.

  9. barkleyc

    Nice!! He is our future!

  10. DEE DEE

    He’s goin win over pat-pat position this dude is crazy I don’t know patterson better step up….loving this team…Lamb lookin good getting rebounds and scoring. Lin/Mart/Parson/Jones/Asik good line up actually! with height and defense.

  11. Ivan Pei

    Jones is a stud! Great pick by the rockets. Athletic, can shoot, but at 6-9, slightly undersized for a 4. Could make a great Antawn Jamison style 3/4.

  12. anelka3913

    LOL “terrance jones’ got a basketball jones” so cheesy

  13. kehwa

    Haha. Bill singing at the end of the video…

  14. 049jhon60

    He’s da beast!!!

  15. Jack713100

    Lets hope he keeps it going in the regular season !

  16. 0920340543

    Hello 360p.

  17. zzremington

    Big Love to TJ from BBN, we’ll never forget ya!!

  18. SAthenextON3

    He really reminds me of Lamar Odom/Josh Smith

  19. FrankVZX

    Go Jones!!! Go Rockets!!!

  20. heheyoyo361

    jones wow ! The hope of rockets

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