Sacramento Kings Top 10 Plays of the 2012 Season

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23 Responses to “Sacramento Kings Top 10 Plays of the 2012 Season”

  1. 6463evelyn

    I love sac

  2. OopsFromSbc

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  3. ClasssyNathan

    I guess i don’t like kings basketball

  4. RDmLabel

    Ohh. I thought you were one of those kids that never played basketball before and thought that you had to be a 7 ft monster in order to play, lol.

  5. ThePuffinfresh

    If you don’t like “…..” then you don’t like NBA basketball.

  6. RDmLabel

    What do you mean by that

  7. at0mappl3

    Yeah no kidding, people need to get off Jimmer’s nuts already.

  8. ThePuffinfresh

    So many requirements just to like Basketball


    Tyreke is the best long range shot maker

  10. thabeast916

    no tyler honeycutt dunk???

  11. gio00000002

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  12. thevampireslayer1000

    0:35 “coast to COAST!!!”

  13. Aniken31

    This team better be over .500 next season. They have plenty of talent now.

  14. getonmylevelbroski

    Tyreke, Cousins, Thornton, Thomas Robinson 

  15. thedanny003

    If u dont like this then you dont like anything

  16. jackisnz


  17. MrFabook

    I love the kings so fucking much. Makes me glad to have grown up here. i miss peja

  18. theprodigyjapacan

    No, Isaiah Thomas is where it is.

  19. Metalguitarfreak

    idk how they didn’t include DMC’s through the legs plays… sick for anyone, let alone a guy nearly 7 feet tall

  20. LiquidRush

    if YOU don’t like this clip…. then YOU don’t like NBA basketball

  21. Bugbunny321

    Grant Napear is a living legend when it comes to commentating

  22. Lorenshyne

    that Isiah Thomas play is overrated

  23. DaHuzyBru

    wow they found 10

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