Road To NBA 2K13 – NBA 2K13 My Career – Playoffs – Pacers vs Heat – Different Camera Angle!

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19 Responses to “Road To NBA 2K13 – NBA 2K13 My Career – Playoffs – Pacers vs Heat – Different Camera Angle!”

  1. TaterDaMan

    My newest guy to come back and watch!

  2. Kacchi90

    cool, i’ll check it 

  3. MURK360

    Good stuff bro, check out some of my 2k13 vids and lemme know what u think 🙂

  4. Kacchi90

    yeah i changed the camera angle so i can see if i can play in this angle

  5. byArteer

    Hadn’t seen this one yet, great video aswell though^^

  6. lucasafl3

    Wow good vid havent watched u for a while sup bro how is it going

  7. Kacchi90

    yeah u can i dont mind

  8. patrick jones

    A reply to this messag if you want me to send you a friend request

  9. Kacchi90

    yeah, whats good



  11. WereTeamSN

    epic game, funky camera angle. lol

  12. WegetM

    nice vid bro

  13. Kacchi90

    didnt u hear me in the beginning lol, also i told my subs that i will be providing them with the playoffs and i would talk a bit, but as much cause i want them to listen to the action of the game. but hey im just giving them what they want lmao

  14. TravisLaTrelle

    its getting hectic, using the action cam! cool match,

  15. MELO6100

    Why u no talk?

  16. Kacchi90

    im on the xbox

  17. patrick jones

    Hey what system you on

  18. Kacchi90

    This camera angle is new to me, never used it in this game so if u see me make mistakes then its w/e lol

  19. Kacchi90

    Click “Like” if you like this video. Helps me make more!

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