Portland Trail Blazers Top 10 Plays of the 2012 Season

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24 Responses to “Portland Trail Blazers Top 10 Plays of the 2012 Season”

  1. brodieandmichell

    3:12 we wish

  2. Cholobob22

    Timmy and Parker didn’t play

  3. hyper123100

    how the fuck did portland manage to lead by 40 against the spurs…

  4. vun9909

    What a Try Hard…

  5. Thomas Krieger

    0:38 Look at lakers bench….. Priceless!

  6. iT4d

    “save that for the playoffs” that might be why they never make it to the playoffs haha

  7. extralif3

    saw each of those games… awesome

  8. mm70969

    nice boost

  9. Slermington

    JJ Hickson is such a boss

  10. Jose Reyes

    Where was the Crash windmill on the Lakers? -.-

  11. IHaveMyHeadphonesOn

    He doesnt play for the blazers

  12. TristanW99

    no gerald wallace windmill?

  13. Jordan Willis

    lol but that was when coach pop didnt play duncan, ginobili, parker, or richard jefferson.

  14. Angalo Sangalo

    huge travel 1:37


    Wtf.. noticed that too

  16. kalbasa40

    That game against Dallas… priceless. Best game of last year in the NBA, period.

  17. thatbrownpaki

    look at the score at 1:34

  18. n0etii

    lamarcus aldridge soo underrated

  19. MrEccoT

    Sabonis played with Blazers team!

  20. purekel

    there is a arm in front of him which gets him unbalanced. see the replays after that

  21. purekel

    kobe is all like fuck he stole my 35 feet shot xD

  22. Zack Stiles

    3 was terrible

  23. jacopo qwerty


  24. MrJarbuckle

    what is priceless about that?

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