Phoenix Suns Top 10 Plays of the 2012 Season

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25 Responses to “Phoenix Suns Top 10 Plays of the 2012 Season”

  1. Felsoon92

    pedo´╗┐ bear ­čśÇ

  2. MegandMom234

    I love the Phoenix Suns! They are my favorite team!…..GO SUNS!!´╗┐

  3. princeofallcommoners

    please´╗┐ you wish.

  4. arizonafire7132

    I WAS a steve trash fan but he pulled some PUSSY ASS SHIT BY SELLING OUT TO PLAY IN LALA LAND….. I wish him nuthin but´╗┐ the worst on the court …. Okc will be them anyway

  5. OopsFromSbc

    How to hack facebook ´╗┐´╗┐ /watch?v=gwzDpaW23ZM


    nobodi in the nba´╗┐ deserves a ring………….u hav 2 earn it

  7. jimyjamyninjas

    don’t you´╗┐ mean ‘passed to the basket’?

  8. DuelTeamAZ

    last play´╗┐ of his last game before retirement. Instant dunk of the year.

  9. pieboyaz

    They should have put Markieff dunking over Blake Griffin as the top play.´╗┐

  10. sirk562

    You will be in the playoffs´╗┐ this year NASH

  11. Manuel Romero

    Just finished up my Goran Dragic mix. All Goran Fans and Suns fans should check it out and´╗┐ let me know what you think. Have a nice day.
    Goran Dragic-Not Afraid

  12. khoinguyen22

    there should be a record for most highfives made ever.´╗┐ now i think…i ithink… steve nash might win that ;D

  13. Travis Box

    i made a video about the suns and michael beasley if you could check it out that would be´╗┐ great:)

  14. AnimeTube7Jr

    if your a true steve nash fan, you will support him´╗┐ with the lakers to win his deserved nba ring

  15. LeGrillage

    what the heck is the jazz mascot doin´╗┐ at 0:32

  16. LaUltima023

    When Nash retires.. He will have 2 rings with the lakers, his jersey will be retired by Phoenix and A statue of him will´╗┐ be built in front of the Phoenix Arena…

    there will be a chance he’ll star in a basketball comedy with Will Ferrel in Semi-Pro 2

  17. Songremasterd

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  18. TheMrsexy14

    in my console´╗┐ he wont

  19. ZachWade2k

    Nahhh the´╗┐ chance of that happening at his age while he has had trouble dunking his entire life? slim.

  20. jamal gombe

    steve nash, you make me proud to be´╗┐ a canadian

  21. WerNaU12

    Nash can´╗┐ dunk…in my NBA 2k12 console

  22. 88telephone

    I’m not hating, i’m speaking´╗┐ the truth lol

  23. Cabalen03

    yes he will, stop´╗┐ hating.

  24. iLLBREEDDaMonte

    0:31 The guy and mascot´╗┐ ?

  25. michaellscc

    forever a suns fan´╗┐

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