Phoenix Suns Top 10 Plays of the 2012 Season

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25 Responses to “Phoenix Suns Top 10 Plays of the 2012 Season”

  1. Felsoon92

    pedo bear :D

  2. MegandMom234

    I love the Phoenix Suns! They are my favorite team!…..GO SUNS!!

  3. princeofallcommoners

    please you wish.

  4. arizonafire7132

    I WAS a steve trash fan but he pulled some PUSSY ASS SHIT BY SELLING OUT TO PLAY IN LALA LAND….. I wish him nuthin but the worst on the court …. Okc will be them anyway

  5. OopsFromSbc

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    nobodi in the nba deserves a ring………….u hav 2 earn it

  7. jimyjamyninjas

    don’t you mean ‘passed to the basket’?

  8. DuelTeamAZ

    last play of his last game before retirement. Instant dunk of the year.

  9. pieboyaz

    They should have put Markieff dunking over Blake Griffin as the top play.

  10. sirk562

    You will be in the playoffs this year NASH

  11. Manuel Romero

    Just finished up my Goran Dragic mix. All Goran Fans and Suns fans should check it out and let me know what you think. Have a nice day.
    Goran Dragic-Not Afraid

  12. khoinguyen22

    there should be a record for most highfives made ever. now i think…i ithink… steve nash might win that ;D

  13. Travis Box

    i made a video about the suns and michael beasley if you could check it out that would be great:)

  14. AnimeTube7Jr

    if your a true steve nash fan, you will support him with the lakers to win his deserved nba ring

  15. LeGrillage

    what the heck is the jazz mascot doin at 0:32

  16. LaUltima023

    When Nash retires.. He will have 2 rings with the lakers, his jersey will be retired by Phoenix and A statue of him will be built in front of the Phoenix Arena…

    there will be a chance he’ll star in a basketball comedy with Will Ferrel in Semi-Pro 2

  17. Songremasterd

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  18. TheMrsexy14

    in my console he wont

  19. ZachWade2k

    Nahhh the chance of that happening at his age while he has had trouble dunking his entire life? slim.

  20. jamal gombe

    steve nash, you make me proud to be a canadian

  21. WerNaU12

    Nash can dunk…in my NBA 2k12 console

  22. 88telephone

    I’m not hating, i’m speaking the truth lol

  23. Cabalen03

    yes he will, stop hating.

  24. iLLBREEDDaMonte

    0:31 The guy and mascot ?

  25. michaellscc

    forever a suns fan

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