Phantom: Team USA’s First Exhibition Game

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25 Responses to “Phantom: Team USA’s First Exhibition Game”



  2. databors

    follow the leader: 0:14

  3. 3OBKPOBu

    Russia vs. USA. America sucks dick in Russia!Russia is a great country!

    Americans are inexperienced you chicks! Go to the dick! you chicken!

  4. Toms Jameson

    Gold watch WTF 3:46 :D:D

  5. dmxlaci

    nice airball xD

  6. kiboi20

    weh?di nga

  7. rascalm123

    paul: lebron sit your ass son the bench

  8. jerick biscocho

    . yeah . galing

  9. haha123s

    lol no one was hype so no one needs to calm down…you faggot trolls always try to start any little argument you can on the internet

  10. Booker T.V

    calm the fuck down, dude was trying to be nice, you Americans always talk shit, even when other countries over seas try to be nice

  11. Crackers616

    3:54, the fan with KD’s shoes gets REJECTED!!!!!

  12. haha123s

    we don’t need luck

  13. 24mansav

    @StopSignRobot thanks.

  14. StopSignRobot

    Because most of the star players were injured like rose, howard, and wade. Blake Griffin was originally playing but he got injured and then Anthony Davis subbed in for him.

  15. 24mansav

    I don’t see Howe Anthony Davis made the team.

  16. Prab Gill

    pretty sure that was a pass

  17. PrankedOnRs

    The epic music makes it even more hilarious. Lol

  18. centereacan06

    many thanks for not being a european youtuber who trolls america to no end.

  19. Elliott Forte

    americans the best at basketball always has always will be

  20. juan dela cruz

    check her out and see if you want her

  21. RIchard Puig

    play work hard play hard by wiz khalifa with this.. ouuufff..

  22. oxly moron

    3:56 – 4:00
    man with iphone

  23. kingkid42

    Yess got my tickets i live here in England i dont see NBA players on TV all the time so im going to watch them tonight against Australia good luck!!!!!!!!!!

  24. Jose Concepcion de la Rosa

    FUCK YOU, DOMINICan is a good team….dick

  25. siomai masarap

    3:50-3:57 hey durant sign my shoe… hey! noo.. noooooooooooooooo!

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