Peja Stojakovic – 2011 Playoffs HD

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23 Responses to “Peja Stojakovic – 2011 Playoffs HD”

  1. insrbgistro

    A da se ti napusis kite malo aaa ??? Picko konjusarska…

  2. Mark tark

    Thank you for the great video jekojeksona113.

  3. zvezdaccccdelije1989

    Thank you for all Peja!!!Thank you for the nice nights in which we looked the KINGS games from europe.Thank you for the EUROBASKET 2001 and for the WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP 2002.Back then i was a 12,13 years ols Teenager…COngratulions for your revenge on the Lakers and congratiulasions for THE RING youve finally got…Thank you for Everything!!!Serbia loves You

  4. Phuck yu

    ah just like the old days when he was in Sacramento :’)

  5. raiderrocker18

    one of the coolest shooting forms. his follow through is nuts

  6. hanszimmer91

    1.37 I love the fact that Dirk doesn’t go for the rebound…

  7. akosimikebryan

    at 1:03 classic dirk reaction lol

  8. NathanDrake911


  9. snowbeach1981

    I think that the shots made from one or two meters from three point line could named – Peja shots. And he put them all net all swish. Pure shooter easily in top 5 of all time. 🙂

  10. thepooperofthenight

    can’t leave that dude alone..come on now! Serbian Sniper!

  11. Vallekano25

    For me, one of the 5 best 3point shooters in NBA history (with Larry Bird, Reggie Miller, Ray Allen…), I know there are other excellent 3point shooters like Hodges, Kerr, Curry, Kapono… but I mean great players, not secondary players

  12. bigtree216

    damn 2:47 the net doesn’t even move.

  13. Eminem117Nas

    I remember being a young kid,I always wanted to be like Peja.

  14. 12slavko12

    BOG OTAC !!!!!

  15. ilijapfa

    finally got his revenge on the ’02 loss by the lakers. too bad he didn’t play much in the Finals. BRAVO PEJA MAJSTORE!

  16. MrAlexSwift

    he got his revenge from 2002

  17. rudmanko

    i miss the old sacramento 🙁

  18. 05pioneer

    loll watch the Portlands coach reactions after three successive three point shots
    start @ 0.38

  19. Mr1980CCCC

    To imenjace! Srbi sve mogu zato smo im trn u oku

  20. pcoric3

    easily, peja has the least amount of 3 point attempts out of anyone in the top 5 all time three point shooters and throughout his career he shot a higher percentage from three with the more threes he attempted. If he’d kept going he’d have demolished Reggie and Ray

  21. kevinkronik420

    fuck the lakers.. GO KINGS..

  22. kristiandelacruz27

    actually he can, if he didn’t get injured in his hornets days and it’s because basically most of his field goals are 3 point shots

  23. 0Kalasnjikov

    in 2002 fiba basketball world cup, Peja was the best scorrer and dirk was the best player
    but yugoslavia won 🙂

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