Paul Pierce 36 points vs Hawks full higlights (2012 NBA Playoffs GM2)

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25 Responses to “Paul Pierce 36 points vs Hawks full higlights (2012 NBA Playoffs GM2)”

  1. RicRugerFlare

    1:33 Pierce goes Super Saiyin on the dunk!

  2. xxGaMeRzAbUsErSkIlL

    Whenever i see highlights, i think what a ball hog, even though its the players highlights….

  3. BleedBoston

    1:46 gave me goose bumps

  4. Richard Ferrer

    Paul specifically said that this win was for Rondo after this interview

  5. Richard Ferrer

    I dont understand how people think Carmelo is a better scorer then Paul Pierce i mean this guy is unbeatable he is the TRUTH

  6. bigj1983jt

    Paul Pierce is so clutch

  7. dominiquegrant2

    The Truth

  8. thekingbradable

    Man…just gotta respect Paul pierce…at the age he is now….still clutch and playing at a high level

  9. yonggary

    true. it’s the fundamentals and skill set that matters most in order for legends to be legends.

  10. bentep0511

    One of the best clutch player ever!

  11. ArtOfaShaman

    Man this video really touched me… but i just wanna say, if you Practice a lot… and Just Breathe while your out on the floor, and put in work… there really no limit to how good you can be… and i think paul pierce expressed that in this video… i mean im 5’4.5 man and cant dunk… but i can tell by Paul’s finess… that he has put a lot of work in… and… i think with players like that… u can never count a team out…. cuz a games 4 Quarters…. ~ Cant wrie anymore rnning ot of chars.

  12. spearson250

    That’s my man!

  13. James Germil

    The best shooter in this league

  14. matzrrrrrr

    this guy is the most complete offensive small forward in league , and i know that lebron is SF 😉

  15. theHigboY

    the truth hurts


    Pauls scoring and shooting efficiency is higher than kobe season avg…pp is better

  17. wroney16

    Oh, sorry man. I thought you were talking about Kobe. :/

  18. Gupitor

    whats your point ? because he still put up numbers as the same as his age. ..

  19. Jeff Malcolm

    Vince got injured and bad teams, but i get what your saying……i wouldnt nvr thing Paul would come out 2nd out of that great crop of SG/SF back in the early 00s…Kobe/Pierce/Iverson/Mcgrady/Carter

  20. awesomeman01

    Ryan Gomes played for the Clippers last year.
    You mean Ryan Hollins?

  21. Kierre Twyman

    that is ryan gomes

  22. wroney16

    Fuck 24, he plays like 34.

  23. awesomeman01

    Gomes doesnt even play for either of these teams

  24. Locoboy678

    The truth

  25. celtix34


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