Oklahoma City Thunder Top 10 Plays of the 2011-2012 Regular Season

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25 Responses to “Oklahoma City Thunder Top 10 Plays of the 2011-2012 Regular Season”

  1. 22GoldenMega

    breaking news.. harden traded to houston 4 kevin martin…

  2. Blair Willows

    I wonder why Thunders lose the finals. i mean, in defense they got sefalosha and ibaka. in offense they got durant, harden, and westbrook. their team is perfect.

  3. Crooks N Diamonds

    The refs !

  4. jampaOK

    Can somebody answer me this question: Watching the top 10 and many other games, how could OKC lose the championship against Heat?

  5. OregonDuckLuck

    westbrook is a boss

  6. frogger72192

    i freakin love watching westbrook dunk hes vicious

  7. Jther07


  8. 9000thebeast

    0:36 Kevin Durant can barely complete a lay up vs someone who is way smaller then him way hahahha lol

  9. GetthatSHITouttahere

    Durant is the clutchest in the NBA. yes, i have heard of kobe and ray allen…

  10. OklahomaCityOKC

    Ready for a new season to watch more great Thunder plays happen!

  11. ScientificNoodles

    I never get tired of seeing some get ripped a new one on YouTube.

  12. IsdudeMe

    If they keep this team for a couple more years they’ll win championships, no doubt.

  13. TheEvilEnigma

    How can you say never? Yeah, he’s not as good right now, but the man is only 23 years old. Give him some time.

  14. JD2730

    defense wise maybe but he’ll never be able to compete with bosh on offence

  15. themanbombfish


  16. pubbleydubbley

    more like ibaka top 10 plays

  17. SuperCona123

    Ibaka is soooooo important to this team

  18. Kent Hill

    Trying to grow a Harden beard, but I’m not man enough to do it.

  19. Xx25BeasT96xX

    Ibaka traveled on his dunk o;

  20. Chris Chu


  21. Razemaster58

    Im Heat fan but i think Ibaka is already a better player than Bosh

  22. crazy0823

    half was durant~!

  23. BwaltFilms

    fuck the home depot commercial

  24. habip4o

    I can’t understand what’s SO good of #2 play that is also in the top 10 dunks and alley oops. I don’t find it so nasty?

  25. ragnaritz1

    half of them is ibaka

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