New York Knicks Top 10 Plays of the 2012 Season

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25 Responses to “New York Knicks Top 10 Plays of the 2012 Season”

  1. MsPROOFthatGODexists

    Your acknowledgement that ‘NO ONE’ challenged Lin is only confirmation of the SUPREMACY of his move to the basket. Jeremy was too quick, and froze EVERYONE!…so much so, they didn’t even have time to formulate a defense!..Now THAT’S a great play! Doesn’t matter if you agree..cause even the announcer said ‘NO ONE IS STOPPING LIN ON THAT PLAY!’ Also,denying it was a crossover? Really? Well EVERY posted Youtube video,MSG,SportCenter &ESPN disagree w/you, cause that’s how they described it. Got it?

  2. WeAreChampions234

    you never seen bibby davis, melo and others do some alley-oop? Oh i think you have to check all knicks highlights so that you can see. no one challenged lin on that dunk that’s why it doesn’t deserve to be here. john wall wasn’t looking at him coz he is feeling if chandler is near him. when he looked at j.lin, he’s already far. so i don’t think that’s “blew past them all”. of course they will put highlights with someone defending coz its harder to score. got it?

  3. Moniie Mone

    hey like this? well then you like this over at jayz’s channel / watch?v=k0xSlKbYVRM

  4. MsPROOFthatGODexists

    lol, EXACTLY! There was NO DEFENDER BECAUSE HE BLEW PAST THEM ALL!! They didn’t even have time to react!!…and he was farther from the basket than ALL of them!…John Wall got caught ‘leaning’,cause Jeremy faked going right,but whats the other 4’s excuse?..I’ve NEVER seen bibby,davis,melo..etc do THAT! Haha..poor Wall. That video’s on Youtube for all time

    Furthermore,the title of this video is “TOP TEN PLAYS..”, not Top Ten plays “with a defender”, so I’m not sure why that’s an issue for you.

  5. tankito4460

    i was on that game against the bulls where melo gets his last second 3 point shot

  6. Cody Bisram

    cp3 to knicks les go­knicks-management-get-chris-pa­ul-to-new-york-city

  7. eazye943

    2:34 look at gadzuric 😀

  8. WeAreChampions234

    lol there was no defender when he dunked vs wizrds. that’s not a crossover either. he just run past him. That 3 over dirk, of course Melo Drama vs bulls is still the best. lefty-lay-up? that’s not a top-10 caliber play. a lot of players can do it. steal to the basket, ugh, shumpert can do it better with flare and style. alley-oop to his teammates? Lol, any knicks player can do it. Melo, stat, shumpert, smith, bibby and davis. you think those are top-10 caliber plays, then you’re overrating him.

  9. MsPROOFthatGODexists

    2012 season highlights only had ONE highlight with Jeremy Lin??? Oh…okay knicks organization…

    -What about the crossover & dunk Lin over John Wall with 4 defenders around the basket?
    -What about that AND-1 that went from Lin to Shumpert, then back to Lin?
    -What about the MULTIPLE ALLEY-OOPS Lin made to his team-mates?
    -What about the steal to the basket against the Mavericks on 2/19?
    -What about the lefty-layup on 2/6?
    -What about the 3-pointers against Dirk & Marion on 2/19?

    Vid is Bogus.

  10. bloodybreathitt25

    This was a terrible season

  11. bloodybreathitt25

    WTF is up with the Knicks and puting Melo in tight jerseys?

  12. trungasi

    Knicks have an amzing team this year. They got allstars like melo and stat. They also upgraded thier defense and added depth to thier bench. Knick haters r sayin the team is 2 old but thats not entirely true. The 5 starters r all 30 years or younger so the “old guys” as they call them just bring in experience and come in periodically.
    And with jason kidd and training camp there WILL b more chemistry and the knicks will make it to ECF

  13. 00virtuoso

    0:25 gangnam style pose. haha

  14. jay mac

    Hes a fucking Lin fan who just started watching basketball. Let them go drive the Real rockets fans crazy and be grateful these guys are gone

  15. jay mac

    We have a great point guard now whos capable to orchestrate that so we’re see. Finally we have a few good players for each position and were not lacking at any position, plus we have defense. I believe this is the our year

  16. cracktober

    I think it’s because they are all.. they want to play “true” basketball, so it’s not as “fun” as the Miami Heat. But that’s why I like them, they play beautiful basketball. Miami is more like entertainment, it’s all business in NYC

  17. kevinmets12

    Lets go ! Can’t wait for this season to start !

  18. IzDaChinoMhin

    I don’t get it

  19. mightyspurs21

    The top 2 were definitely the top 2!

  20. OopsFromSbc

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  21. turkeycheck

    1:52 Melo don´t say shit !!!!

  22. monQsurlaKomod

    at number 4, we see Shelden Williams blocked..
    ..he plays now in France.

  23. mark1965loo

    2:10 Tim Duncan lol

  24. uchihamassacer324

    Their Roster Is Really Great! Its Just That Their Chemistry Isn’t As On Point As It Should Be , If They Had Better Chemistry They Would Be A Beast Team!

  25. Directionersonly223


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