NBA’s Stephen Jackson World’s Greatest Basketball Coach: Ice Bucket – The NOC

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25 Responses to “NBA’s Stephen Jackson World’s Greatest Basketball Coach: Ice Bucket – The NOC”

  1. project10bball

    sj’s niece plays eh..wonder if she’ll make the wnba

  2. james brown

    i was at the camp i had the red and blue shorts and baby blue adizeros

  3. CRTtoVIP

    That’s b/c he had his man’s back (Ron Artest). When he saw Ron got attacked with a beer, he had his boy’s back. That’s actually why so many NBA players respect Jackson is b/c he treats his teammates like his family.

  4. tooreal84

    real nigga right here

  5. Rob Jones

    hell yea capt jack one of my favorite players in the nba notin soft about him all ways plays hard

  6. DSOTL

    Funny how this guy goes into the stands to beat the shit out of fans, yet NOBODY remembers him in a negative way for it. He did the SAME THING as Ron Artest, yet he has practically cleared his name. I’m not mad about it or something, I’m happy for him. Love his game, he’s awesome. But it’s weird how nobody associates him with what happens in Detroit.

  7. Arjun Cheema

    I love Stephen Jackson

  8. ThatNorm

    We miss you in Oakland, Capt. Jack!

  9. TheGabyto111

    can someone tell me the name of song 4:04?

  10. choosen1of96

    Respect dawg

  11. 336ncty

    Who would dislike this? This is positive reinforcement in today’s community at its finest. Salute to him and all others like him.

  12. rob young


  13. khalilfoaming

    he is a great guy..i filmed for him before..him and his wife treated us great

  14. MrXristos97

    C’mon Brian Scalabrine should be the greatest coach ever i mean he is the only person who had spent his entire life at the bench!

  15. TheMegaWriter

    mmm…still you are =D

  16. BrianRippon

    I love this dude man. Watched this a view times. His passion/leadership is undeniable. He wills those children into greatness you can see it. This is the type of leaders we need in our communities. Not just basketball but in all things. Isnt it funny how the ones “they” label “trouble makers” are almost ALWAYS the most personalbe, the most passionate, the most rightous, the most generous. We see you Stephen. Dont change for nobody the world sees you. Real recognize real.

  17. BasketBallPeople

    this guy is crazy good!!! 😀 😀

  18. VogueMraz

    damn i tought s-jax was this ghetto dude shitt this guy makes a good coach

  19. 强 谢

    Stephen Jackson become fat

  20. foureleven86

    Hell yeah Stack representin SA the right way!!

  21. NHLJerseys

    O O O O, Nice jersey and hats

  22. lololsdadsa

    you’re stupid* who’s stupid now? 

  23. TheMegaWriter

    that’s all you can say?
    you stupid like S.J.

  24. BADA3S

    CAPTAIN JACK GOT MAD RESPECT FOR YOU teaching these kids to do good play good and play hard.

  25. hustheposum

    he used to be my neighbor and during the summer he wud play ball with us at the courts, very commendable man

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