[NBAD] [M21]NBA Playoffs 2010- Round 1 Highlights(M2 Playoffs Round 2)

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25 Responses to “[NBAD] [M21]NBA Playoffs 2010- Round 1 Highlights(M2 Playoffs Round 2)”

  1. logi shan

    bobcats made the playoffs that’s like being in the hall of fame for them!

  2. varrpray

    lakers are lucky

  3. 3flashnba0228


  4. TheToxiic11


  5. BasketballLover173

    Awesome video highlights m2e1iriko Thanks alot I enjoy watchin this over and over….never gets old or boring 2 me

  6. Eric68B

    great video…btw what’s the title of the music??

  7. cassavelli

    i love that move by lebron 0:38 ..”Yes Sir”

  8. koberapsodos

    that video is sick..

  9. TheJman801

    where do you get your highlights

  10. grossfanyeahmate

    man, i hate that the suns wont be in the playoffs this year,

  11. moini92

    How do u do this using Adobe After effects?

  12. ko8ethemamba24


  13. victormunoz

    you think 2010 post-season was explosive??? get ready for 2011….

  14. m2e1iriko

    For all the round 2 requests.
    Im sorry im there is no point of making it right now.Im glad that you liked it 🙂
    I hope ill do this for this playoffs..

  15. Adam Louis

    I’m still in shock that the Nuggets lost that series.

  16. MarcioFilhoMs

    Round 2!!! Round 2!!! Round 2!!! Round 2!!! Pleeeeaaaaaaseee!!!

  17. nBA2k1LEVEn

    where is round 2

  18. Marthena1960

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  19. jomarib123

    “best finisher in the game has 30”

  20. XxKiidswaggaXx

    whats the first song ?

  21. MarcioFilhoMs

    Round 2!!!

  22. DsQ88

    We want round 2 !

  23. CedricFP

    Great video. Tremendous editing.

  24. Korven1100

    Nice music!!
    Combining perfectly whit the images.
    Whats name of that song?

  25. Wesdawg47

    thats one of the best videos ive seen

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