NBA the Warriors playoffs show – do you believe?

Video Score: 4 / 5

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25 Responses to “NBA the Warriors playoffs show – do you believe?”

  1. CLYee510

    still get chills

  2. kk22bbme

    nope . .hes on vid man 2:12

  3. kk22bbme

    nope . .hes on vid man 2:12


    the reason that this vid has zero dislikes is because Mark Cuban hasnt seen this amazing video

  5. LStylz

    Loved how Nelson just let this team go wild, and put up whatever shot they imagined! Best playoff series I ever watched, and I’m an Indiana fan. Pissed me off to see them give up Jack, Al Harrington, and I think Austin Croshere who made some big shots in the series too! (I think he was actually traded from Dallas, cause I remember him playing there after Indiana) Anyway. We get two of the worst players ever, Dunleavy and the Murphy… Are you kidding me.

  6. eat3waffels

    The Greatest… Upset… Ever…


    this shit was EPIC!

  8. jtp1260

    I love seeing Biendrins get jiggy wit it at the end! hahaha

  9. mothahen123

    if the warriors have such bandwagon fans then how are they still selling out oracle arena with 15 wins?
    dont ever talk bad about warriors fans they are some of the most loyal on earth.

  10. danynumero6

    I agree 100% with you stevenash2300. The warriors management doesnt know anything on how to do their job right nor do they know anything about basketball in general.

  11. supaaahflypegs

    YEAH. i totally agree with what you said. i miss the old warriors <3

  12. beats1n1shit

    really bandwagon fans, thats how we were able to keep great attendance all through the 90’s and 2000’s when we sucked. your an idiot.

  13. AnonOFCali

    not only that but warriors without baron davis is like a laker team with no kobe bryant.

    he was the face of the team, and gettin rid of that face also gets rid of the identity of the team.

    not hating on stephen jackson, he’s a great player but he isn’t meant to be the “star” of a team, he plays a much better role as the 2nd option.

  14. kitelanford

    I beleave the convicts are all liars.

  15. gant93

    los putos amos!!!!

  16. gabbyxwarriors8

    loved that series
    i miss jrich though 🙁
    and baron, mikael pietrus and matt barnes.
    but go warriors(:

  17. basharcali

    It sucks to see J Rich and Baron Davis leave the Warriors but they will bounce back. They made a lot of moves and I think they will be back in the playoffs.

  18. lilmike2305

    Yeah What You Know About That Playoff Run

  19. mashack28

    its so bittersweet for long time warriors fans who lost their leader 2 years straight it kinda suz but idk wt 2 ay im just in a seldom state rite nw

  20. Hyped510

    This was a crazy game!
    It was awsome!

  21. inpact

    Good video. I will never forget this series.

  22. reggyray

    Greatest video ever. WACHU KNOW ‘BOUT DAT!

  23. matthewjkim

    i want a t shit:[

  24. Kobeownzu81

    there the most badass team dude. and the mavs are just over rated pansies who have a gay GM

  25. Deeno24

    “what you know about that” by TI
    i think its a remix  =0

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