NBA Playoffs MiniMovie – Week #1

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22 Responses to “NBA Playoffs MiniMovie – Week #1”

  1. paulo alexandre

    yes he is

  2. abeldattsun2

    Westbrook is a hipster!

  3. Bballplayer415

    oh really? haha you wasn’t right, miami won the finals against thunder lol

  4. MrSam603

    some have bad eyesight cause of watchin film and stuff

  5. Vish2kz

    All I know is Kevin Durant has bad eyesight, most of them bandwagon to those glasses. 

  6. fishandcrap

    @TheElSPlusho yes, they are free, i posted the link on my channel

  7. Adam Abdeljalil

    yeah the only have deng dumbee

  8. Basketballrelaxers

    bulls have deng, he´s a fucking all star

  9. jamesonfischer22

    what bout luol deng and carlos boozer they’re both better then deandre

  10. ayaaya574379

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  11. CoolzomanzoRS

    your an idiot, Bulls have no boozer, boozer is weak he is not in his prime no more, Carter averages more ppg. And Kidd averages over 10 assists and 5 steals per game so stfu idiot.

  12. David Sjostedt

    So you’re saying that vince carter and jason kidd are in their primes?

  13. CoolzomanzoRS

    your an idiot kid you don’t know shit about basketball, they’re important players. Boozer is not in his prime anymore Luol deng has an injured had moron.

  14. David Sjostedt

    Dude you just said jason kid, vince carter, and deandre jordan are stars… Luol Deng and Boozer are much better than kid and carter stop making excuses

  15. Martinez1458

    Nick Young

  16. myaccountnumber7

    uhh, rondo,pierce,allen,garnett?

  17. bravolover34

    Oh yeah and who do the celtics have. Somehow they managed to make it to the eastern finals

  18. baps4eva

    @MolloyDadda247Luke wat r u talking bout he has none

  19. misaki46misaki

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  20. RandomKid9000

    what about the sixers?

  21. AllMyOtherStuffz

    What’s with Westbrook and Durant wearing hipster glasses?

  22. SimplyUnDeadCookie

    @mahg400 no thats not but both wade an bron contributed in that choke job. but not being biased or anything but kobe has had way more choke jobs because of his years of experience and the amount of dumb shots he takes to make some kind of sportscenter highlight or some shit, durant had some chokes too. the most clutch player this year is melo but look where he is now

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