NBA Playoffs 2012:Los Angeles Lakers Vs Oklahoma City Thunder Game 4

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24 Responses to “NBA Playoffs 2012:Los Angeles Lakers Vs Oklahoma City Thunder Game 4”

  1. joshua jou

    kobe dont know how to play said my cousin

  2. Jimmy Teh

    FUCK Westbrook!

  3. luffyisjunk

    What ever you say. . . *sighs~

  4. james monroe

    PAU shouldnt have turned the ball over the play before. Kobe cant bail the lakers out everytime people have to step up or sit on the bench like walton did.

  5. luffyisjunk

    Well your right about everything except when you said hes not clutch, he’s just falling off now but even though i hate to admit it he is clutch but somtetimes clutch is over rated. (lots of speelling errors WARNING)

  6. luffyisjunk

    KObe should of made the last shot!

  7. james monroe

    bro go suck steve blakes nut

  8. james monroe

    sike i wouldve made that shot off kobes pass… u dont get more open looks then that. pau fucked up and he probably knows it

  9. LakersAllDayyyKB24

    That Kevin Durant shot was sick

  10. giorgos alexopoulos

    Lakers is the best team of the history of NBA.I listen to 2Pac,I wear my sunglasses and I enjoy this team.

  11. choyothe

    FailBe doing work again. SuperLakers vs. The Incredible Chucker next year, gonna be fun.

  12. Eny Medina


  13. Vicente Arancibia

    lets hope Steve helps fix this

  14. prestamos asnef

    come on mennnnnnn!!!!!

  15. jc tagubilin


  16. Mohammad Musafer

    lakers suck broo the lost by ocs thunders lol

  17. tsmash2709


  18. iGoHardboii

    Westbrook looks like one of those Ninja mutan turtles

  19. soonerstd

    you still mad the thunder beat yall hahaahahha.

  20. ren942


  21. Joetixs10


  22. Aaron33B

    3:35 the 62!!

  23. architekts

    best trade scenario for lakers

    goran dragic/sessions pg

    kb24/ebanks sg

    mwp/beasley sf

    josh smith/hill/beasley pf

    andrew bynum/hill c

  24. mrheartdpades

    Mike brown offense system was the problem. Simple as that. Oh yah mixed with no bench players.

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