NBA Playoffs 2012: Utah Jazz Vs San Antonio Spurs Game 1 Highlights (0-1)

Movie Score: 4 / five

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24 Responses to “NBA Playoffs 2012: Utah Jazz Vs San Antonio Spurs Game 1 Highlights (0-1)”

  1. njkfahfku

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  2. LeGette88


  3. sbh123yt

    Spurs = TEAM = TIM.

  4. Chaim Lewis

    extravagant that is excessive bro , you good enough to dunk? This will solve all your problems – “50inchvertical [dot] com”

    lozos lozos

  5. orangestasteyummy

    Yes, and the thunder, lakers, and the team that embarrassed in the regular season. (Celtics)

  6. MrDarksword123

    Respect to the spurs, for an old team, they can still compete like hell.

  7. SpectacularDeathSAB

    Spurs will Destroy any team who comes in their way of victory! SAN ANTONIO SPURS, FOR THE WIN!!!!!

  8. michy2745

    spurs are not just the best in the west or best in the league….they are the best world wide

  9. michy2745

    well said

  10. MrJOHNnnnnny

    This is the only team that can beat the super miami heat.

  11. omhat

    lebron would rather look good individually than look bad winning team wise, tim can score 15 to 20 points but will help the team more, than lebron scoring 40 to 50 points that fucking cunt.

  12. omhat

    I am so hoping tim duncan will get his fifth ring, that dick ryder derek fisher wants to win it easy going to okc, no more buzzer beaters like in 2004, the spurs beat the lakers in 1999, 2003 really bad. If san antonio is healthy they have a good shot, tim ducan is nothing but 100 percent class on and off the court!

  13. Bullsi13

    GO! SPURS! GO!

  14. Vergecurtis

    true, just look at the 80’s and how they played ball back then. more assists per game and higher FG%

  15. 415Underdog

    Spurs will win it all this year

  16. boybitzuyson

    the only team who used 12 players per game..go spurs go..

  17. fckshyt15

    high fg % is a RESULT of unselfish ball

  18. 14kpace1

    i wish they would have showed Ginnobli’s miss on the break-away dunk

  19. xMurph94x

    Duncan is God 🙂

  20. Keana707

    SPURS for this year wohoooo!

  21. 21lopezf

    Jazz nation motherfuckers

  22. Vergecurtis

    no, field goal % wins championship.

  23. 89strangelove

    fuckin coach put in KANTER already

  24. redlanternman


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