NBA Playoffs 2012 – Spurs vs. Clippers (Game 1) Highlights

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18 Responses to “NBA Playoffs 2012 – Spurs vs. Clippers (Game 1) Highlights”

  1. TheRacistApricot

    hell nah

  2. diseasexpert360

    clippers vs hawks for 2013 finals

  3. venusboys22

    Shut the fuck up.

  4. winnelyn27

    prepare the broom for another sweep,

  5. bambipaza

    spurs vs heat in the finals

  6. venusboys22

    What kind of shoes was deandre Jordan wearing? PLEASE HELP.

  7. Anthony Fernandez

    Spurs vs okc ..nxt round….lakers down 0-2…lmfao..wht now faker fans????.hahahahaaa

  8. azoss

    i hope the spurs win the championship…duncan deserves another ring

  9. Vaughan Austin

    dude, unbelieveable high-lights.  I really like the beginning =) Can you believe that I recently got my vertical jump high enough to begin dunking! I just followed the the nba exercise course over at 50inchvertical. com and made it in only 2 months!

  10. Atychiphobic23

    You dumbfucks from LA don’t no who to root for. The Lakers and the Clippers both will get eliminated this round. So you can get ready for football season and root for USC or the Chargers, Raiders, Niners or who ever u LA fans root for lol

  11. answersa

    Who da hell r u even askin 2?

  12. Clint Keller

    Who the hell are you even talking to?

  13. answersa

    BTW…Y the media only focus some players they wanted to…is not problems if those players are good…but the true is not!!….i know why ..of cuz the commercial n sum reason…they r the member of the “group” illxxxxti…thats y they r famous n the media focusing of them…but they dun play good enough

  14. answersa

    Anthony?? WTF dun mention this so-called star…even cant called him Superstar…hes not indeed…y? not stable…make me feel scared when hes playing as uguys can c wuts going on this season…they r Done at the first round without JEREMY LIN! lin is such a very nice person n humble…he played simple…but scored! so? .not the so-called turn around Fxxking jump shot…missed all shots like KOBE now 4-12 or 5 of 16 WTF!!! James like a robert on the court on not smooth…

  15. answersa

    Much problems now in NBA..they playing like a show…n some one man team” ball hog” to compare…Magic…Bird…MJ…no way…they hv shown their own talent n good personality….but now…Kobe??? James??? Anthony?? WTF???!! they all jz learning from ppl…i cant c they create their own personality….yeah!! maybe i can c Kobe is “ball hog” only….James? we knew he can wut? many ppl can dunk in the world …but he made me feeling like a cow…run run run with no skills..

  16. answersa

    Seriously,Spurs is a champ team hv MUCH more experience than Clippers….the NBA game is a show as commercial compare wif Bulls n Jordan”NO WAY” !
    no real Basketball n the players are sucks.”clippers hv to thank you the Media” without the media not much ppl will mention this team.y? CP3 too short…BG cant shoot…miss the jum shots all nite long…no free throw…come on they r professional!!! they training all day …how come miss 2 of 2 from the three throw line all da time!! WTF!!

  17. Tony Hamilton

    i think they are going to pull it off if they use better d because their offense is great.

  18. blackquen14

    lets face it….. clippers are just not the same team they were at the start of the season…… there are more injured players than healthy ones now…. plain nd simple i just dont see clips winning this series the way things are now…. no chance…. clips ive been rootin for ya this whole year but now i think this is where its going to end

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