NBA Playoffs 2012 Round 1 – Miami Heat vs New York Knicks Preview

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24 Responses to “NBA Playoffs 2012 Round 1 – Miami Heat vs New York Knicks Preview”

  1. zayd fazelyar


  2. NicholasNelson22


  3. krazieek

    this shit is bad ass!!

  4. anthonyoshi

    switch thunder with spurs

  5. willie morgan

    have you heard the miami heat theme song by kasuwell ? if not look it up !!
    kasuwell - 3 kings

  6. FEarisato113

    what is the name this song?

  7. Iamkasuwell

    Cool video
    check out my anthem for the heat look up kasuwell – 3 kings

  8. VisualCinemas

    The NBA should absolutely hire you man, incredible stuff you’ve got here.

  9. Amery Yuli

    most definitely really like this particular video footage – NBA Playoffs 2012 Round 1 – Miami Heat vs New York Knicks Preview. on top of that I actually wish to mention that 50inchvertical[dot]com literally did make me improve and leap alot higher with respect to the few individuals who are dissing it. I can roughly dunk and it has simply been 2 weeks time. Prior to practicing the course, I could hardly even make contact with the backboard. And so stop making lies up about the course.

  10. 4263patrick

    So far is 3:1 I guess miami dint want to wait so long for other series

  11. 4263patrick

    Well their defence would have been better and their loss wouldnt be so big in the first game.

  12. BCTheTruth34


  13. jojoblonix

    that win was luck 4 us hahah but im happy, now the heat may move on hahah lol

  14. MichaelJJacksonRockz

    The Knicks won game 4. So those who thought it was gonna be a sweep. Your wrong my friend..

  15. adam hammerschmidt

    very exciting series mate!

  16. TheFlowrescent

    april highlights??

  17. trizz242

    u shud work for espn they shittay at this bro

  18. BM1F

    Best Preview I Have ever Seen… This Shuda Of Been For TNT. Great Work

  19. MonsterRogerFederer

    Oh so i was wrong???… ok so i don´t care

  20. ziga522

    why should I be mad lol? my heat is winning 3:0 to NY look closely to my comments and think before you comment

  21. Lucas Serrano

    lin is goin to suck again, coming back off an injury. heat gonna sweep

  22. Lucas Serrano

    hahahahaha u mad now?

  23. jojoblonix

    hahaha maannnn im so damn mad lol I JUST WANT 1 WIN IN THE PLAYOFFS its been waayy to long haha. but its gona b heat vs OKC in the finals lol

  24. MonsterRogerFederer

    HAHAHAHA I TOLD YOU I TOLD YOU…. Something really really big hapened

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