NBA Playoffs 2012 Round 1 Highlights

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25 Responses to “NBA Playoffs 2012 Round 1 Highlights”

  1. wildkidcrump

    This music sucks fuckin dick

  2. MrSosweetyou

    yeah 0 dislikes…

  3. jackympok

    what song

  4. 18Johnnytest

    Peacells first off the only nba player who got hurt jumping was Derrick rose the rest just got fuked up so u r callin d rose a no name u dont knw sht bout the nba

  5. peacesells

    So that’s all the NBA playoffs consist of these days???
    A bunch of no names players getting hurt trying to see how high they can jump, a few decent dunks, and egotistical guys arguing with players and referees?
    Yeah, that really makes me want to tune in….

  6. FindtheDerivative

    First you say you’re 5’9”, but then in another you become 5’10”. Then you say you’re teamates do the same program… Yet you’re no longer on the bench becuase of your leaping abillity? Man, this 50 inch thing is ticking me off.

  7. HayabusaRyu

    The song didn’t work for the video. Not that I really care because the video was so great.

  8. Chris Safran

    The only thing is, watching this I would have guessed the Lakers swept the Nuggets, but it went to Game 7. We are used to that in Denver… but c’mon there are a surplus of Kenneth Faried highlights from that series…

  9. Chris Safran

    A truly unbelievable video – the footage you get to work with is a dream. Great color, effects, synchronizations – to a T.

  10. cubsfanforever1

    This is really good man. Yu should make one of all the arounds and the finals. If yu make more videos tell me about it.

  11. Zacharyyyyyyy22

    Hello there! So guys…. I know you might hear this a lot but seriously please check out my channel i started doing basketball vlogs/discussions and im not doing to bad! Just check me out remember i just started recently! i need criticism! 🙂 Well yeah! Check me out! like my video’s if you agree comment with your ideas and thoughts And if you like maybe…. Subscribe! Well thanks for your time One, God bless <3

  12. wh4t3v3r999

    There will be no dislikes !!!

  13. HaXnoXloX

    Great job. I thoroughly enjoyed.

  14. Marcos Trista

    OMG that move Kobe did on #8 was NASTY!

  15. Randomaequalsnewrand

    Can some1 tell me whats the track in the background music? i recognize it is linkin park’s

  16. 23prostar10

    i love the whole video but i can’t get enough of watching bynum’s blocks part. it’s just perfect.

  17. nstaratumba

    Because u cant do it!

  18. Zettaw2B

    Great Job.
    Where do u find clip like this ?
    Record from TV or other ? Thx and follow on this road ;)

  19. KhristovAnimations

    Check out my Rajon Rondo videos!

  20. LethalPie


  21. MrSprite764

    That was a really well done highlight reel. You should make commercials and stuff that was great.

  22. MrJuozas9

    Where’s Carter dunks????????

  23. blendme45

    more rajon rondo pelase

  24. VisualCinemas

    So, when’s the NBA hiring you? 😉

  25. Jerriel Ace Pantig

    what software are you using for this videos??i used sony vegas movie studio hd platinum 11…….your videos are great hope you can give me some tips thanks..

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