NBA Playoffs 2012 Preview

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25 Responses to “NBA Playoffs 2012 Preview”

  1. GiacShabadoo

    you really like noah, don’t you? ;) amazing mix, still the best around

  2. Gungho Gmo

    did just that from my itunes. thanks for the tip

  3. MrPorky94

    Only 233,508 views! whats wrong with this world!?!?!?!

  4. MusicIsMYLife313

    PAUSE! Open another tab. Put on “The Wanted- Glad You Came” Start the song first then this video, It’s way better. :)

  5. karinaalvarado91

    Great video :)

  6. theOnyFUFU

    it shouldn’t be titled playoff preview if that’s the case…it looks like an official NBA video but they generally only show the relevant teams…unless it’s like a season preview, you know? that’s why i was wondering

  7. SourXSweet101

    I think it was more of amazing plays that happened last season, but if this person made this video, they sure look like a pro commercial editer id be shocked if not!

  8. jakestaa22

    Song – save the world by Swedish house mafia

  9. Adrian Zaknich

    some of these plays gave me chills!

  10. theOnyFUFU

    is this an official NBA vid or did you make this yourself? LOVE the video…just don’t get why teams that didn’t make the playoffs, like Houston and GSW are in it…if it’s supposed to be a playoff preview, it should show teams that actually made the playoffs! i don’t get why Boston & Dallas barely have any highlights either?

  11. tegomoomoo

    what’s the name of the song?

  12. themagickid27

    That was my brother who was messing up my youtube acount!

  13. flipexpert262

    Oh my goodness! How could you say that horrible word?

  14. themagickid27

    This gave me chills holy fuck..job well done

  15. Malcolm Diallo

    the name of the song please

  16. eXxtrazZz

    then write in youtube “cheering squad” and go watch it

  17. randomem1234

    He’s in his right re. that. Porn doesn’t fascinate. They’re called “cheering squad” for a reason.

  18. eXxtrazZz

    then go to fucking porn site and watch the girls, its about basketball not them damn

  19. ONEobesePOPTART

    Swedish House Mafia – Who’s gonna save the world

  20. jorgenba24

    Swedish house mafia – save the world

  21. jorgenba24

    is the best video and seen the NBA this year, it’s great I love it, is so genius of mixtures

  22. Legendisspasticz

    Whats the music called?

  23. Ties0o

    if you love this game, vote up!

  24. luismvp631

    best player in the nba was not in the video brian scalabrine best player in the nba hands down

  25. trimeksexyboy

    Thunder was shone the most

    Lets go okc

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