NBA Playoffs 2012 Preview

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25 Responses to “NBA Playoffs 2012 Preview”

  1. GiacShabadoo

    you really like noah, don’t you? ­čśë amazing mix, still the´╗┐ best around

  2. Gungho Gmo

    did just that from my itunes. thanks for the´╗┐ tip

  3. MrPorky94

    Only 233,508´╗┐ views! whats wrong with this world!?!?!?!

  4. MusicIsMYLife313

    PAUSE! Open another tab.´╗┐ Put on “The Wanted- Glad You Came” Start the song first then this video, It’s way better. ­čÖé

  5. karinaalvarado91

    Great video´╗┐ ­čÖé

  6. theOnyFUFU

    it shouldn’t be titled playoff preview if that’s the case…it looks like an official NBA video but they generally only show the´╗┐ relevant teams…unless it’s like a season preview, you know? that’s why i was wondering

  7. SourXSweet101

    I think it was more of amazing plays that happened last´╗┐ season, but if this person made this video, they sure look like a pro commercial editer id be shocked if not!

  8. jakestaa22

    Song – save the world´╗┐ by Swedish house mafia

  9. Adrian Zaknich

    some´╗┐ of these plays gave me chills!

  10. theOnyFUFU

    is this an official NBA vid´╗┐ or did you make this yourself? LOVE the video…just don’t get why teams that didn’t make the playoffs, like Houston and GSW are in it…if it’s supposed to be a playoff preview, it should show teams that actually made the playoffs! i don’t get why Boston & Dallas barely have any highlights either?

  11. tegomoomoo

    what’s the name of the song?´╗┐

  12. themagickid27

    That was my brother who was messing up my´╗┐ youtube acount!

  13. flipexpert262

    Oh my goodness! How could´╗┐ you say that horrible word?

  14. themagickid27

    This gave me´╗┐ chills holy fuck..job well done

  15. Malcolm Diallo

    the name of the song please

  16. eXxtrazZz

    then write´╗┐ in youtube “cheering squad” and go watch it

  17. randomem1234

    He’s in his right re. that. Porn doesn’t fascinate. They’re´╗┐ called “cheering squad” for a reason.

  18. eXxtrazZz

    then go to fucking porn site´╗┐ and watch the girls, its about basketball not them damn

  19. ONEobesePOPTART

    Swedish House Mafia – Who’s gonna´╗┐ save the world

  20. jorgenba24

    Swedish house mafia – save´╗┐ the´╗┐ world

  21. jorgenba24

    is the best video and seen the NBA this year, it’s´╗┐ great I love it, is so genius of mixtures

  22. Legendisspasticz

    Whats the music´╗┐ called?

  23. Ties0o

    if´╗┐ you love this game, vote up!

  24. luismvp631

    best player in the nba was not in the video brian scalabrine best player in the nba hands´╗┐ down

  25. trimeksexyboy

    Thunder was shone the most

    Lets go´╗┐ okc

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