NBA Playoffs 2012: Philadelphia Sixers Vs Chicago Bulls Game 1 Highlights (0-1)

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24 Responses to “NBA Playoffs 2012: Philadelphia Sixers Vs Chicago Bulls Game 1 Highlights (0-1)”

  1. mooncrest8000


  2. mooncrest8000


  3. mooncrest8000

    Fall in a woodchipper.

  4. Mike Fields

    Sounds like coach left him in so he could record a triple double.

  5. TheHoleEffingShow101

    A healthy Bulls team would have beat the cHEAT

  6. Srigurumurthy

    I’m a heat fan, but people like you are the reason everyone believes heat fans are retarded….

  7. forexistentialistics

    Bulls are the only one who can give them trouble.. every other team dissolves LOL.. btw Bulls would have swept philly

  8. Ryan Madden

    Must suck Rose goin out like that Bulls would have went a lot further.

  9. bullsfan9123

    andrea igudala is the person that was closest to joakim noah, dwight howard, and derrick rose when they all got injured. thats a little fishy

  10. estalt957

    Bulls can’t beat the Heat. Heat Rocks

  11. GypsyOverdose

    Are you fucking kidding me? Rose didn’t get MVP because he DIDN’T PLAY ENOUGH, he had 3 injuries this season. I also noticed how the Bulls were a 1st seed team with Derrick Rose, and after he tore an acl they lost to an 8th seed team, meanwhile Miami’s “big 3” wasn’t 1st seed, were they?

  12. MadmanGoneMad2012

    Roses are red
    Violets are blue
    Rose got injured
    Bulls gone blue

  13. MadmanGoneMad2012

    lebron > kobe
    Fisher = 6 rings
    kobe = 5 rings
    Fisher > kobe

  14. 12dragonxbl

    Kobes better than LeBron so pussies stop complaining

  15. Muhammad Ali

    lebron james just a big baby, he left clevland because he knew he couldnt win a championship without the help of two other superstars and even then he still cant win a championship plus kobe is 6 years older just had knee surgery a torn ligement in his finger and a concussion still had a great season and averaged the 2nd most points in the league with out two superstars and deep down inside you know kobe bryant is better individually than lebron james and has a better basketball iq

  16. Tevin Newell

    I was so disappointed when D-Rose sprained his knee. Oh yea Bull don’t suck so shut the fuck up.

  17. darktimesilence

    Yeah, and you supposed to know more about than NBA directives.

  18. jaypee69x

    BULLS SUCK. the hype was nothing. Lebron James is the most talented player in the league. Lebron deserved MVP during the season ROSE supposedly deserved the MVP.

  19. RoflmAOSVK

    Says LA fan.Or just Kobe fan.Im fan of celtics and I can say that James is 1,000,000 times better

  20. Matthew Owen

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  21. king james

    so you just assume the bulls were going to beat the heat?

  22. TheAmbivalency

    Man, No D. Rose. I hope the bulls can pull this off.

  23. weareme1310

    GO BULLS and fuck Evan Turner !!! the MVP down and Noah gone but the Bulls still have heart. GO Deng, Go Korver, Go Rip, Go Asik, Go CJ there is still hope.

  24. syad888

    i dont know either…… what team are you hoping to win?????

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