NBA Playoffs 2012: OKC Thunder Vs Dallas Mavericks Game 4 Highlights (4-0) HQ

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25 Responses to “NBA Playoffs 2012: OKC Thunder Vs Dallas Mavericks Game 4 Highlights (4-0) HQ”

  1. chrisg16210

    Miami should have won in 2011, Mavs just got lucky & they get swept lol! My team taking it this year! #LakerNation

  2. wackedout13

    lol they went from champs to chumps before the 2011-2012 season started.

  3. wackedout13

    who loss in the fianls buddy! lol haha

  4. Ariel Pacheco

    I wouldn’t call making it to the finals (Nets) or Kings western conference runs shitty though. Coming up short, sure.

  5. Ziani Ezz

    they got raped by Okc last playoffs.. you had to buy steve nash and dwight howard to survive this 2012-2013 season l0l. Okc doesn’t need to buy top players from all around the nba to survive! maybe with your new 2 stars you’ll have a chance to beat Okc this year hahahahaha

  6. Hafeez Ijaz

    are u for real dude the Lakers will destroy okc

  7. oklahoma

    Where the OKC fans at? Comment on my channel ;D

  8. thenintendogamer


  9. TheHellseeker2

    @legend1998tx Stfu u dumbass bandwagoner u don’t know shit bout bball. U probably can’t even ply the game fat fuck

  10. legend1998tx


  11. Habeev07

    The thunder don’t deserve anything yet. THEY WERE STOLEN FROM SEATTLE, because greedy owners wanted a flashy new arena. OKC doesnt deserve to win a title because they need to pay dues… not assimilate paid for arenas. OKC fans are so spoiled its comical. GO BLAZERS!

  12. ishaqTv2

    James Harden is a free agent next year, I hope Dallas gets him even though its almost 100% chance he will resign with OKC, it be heaven if we somehow sign CP3 also LOL -Mavericks Fan

  13. TheHellseeker2

    @Johnny2paccc Stfu u pussy ass bitch. Ur a five foot five fatass that talks shit on YouTube cuz ur a pussy in real life. Dirk nowitzki is shit like their whole city and team

  14. Johnny2paccc

    fuck u pussy ass faggot

  15. Johnny2paccc


  16. TheHellseeker2

    Fuck Dallas pussy ass bitches

  17. David phillips

    bullshit hoe

  18. SpriterHyperShadow9

    Im a okc fan and I cant wait to see the lakers to get the shit kicked out of them

  19. GrayIsBeautiful

    3 superstars… 3 straight superstar drafts wowwww

  20. Hafeez Ijaz

    Im a lakers fan and i cant wait to see okc get the shit kicked out of them

  21. jdmbayarea

    Man, James harden wasn’t playing like this against the heat. Bullshit

  22. jdmbayarea


  23. TheAjduke

    cheeck out my mix for russell westbrook you wont be dissapointed

  24. fdw354

    mavs,spurs,rockets they all suck cock now haha shit fool its OKC all day everyday over here 4o5 we in dis ho fuck texas!

  25. David phillips

    im from okc and we would woop the mavericks anytime

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