NBA Playoffs 2012: New York Knicks Vs Miami Heat Game 1 Highlights (0-1)

Movie Score: 4 / five

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25 Responses to “NBA Playoffs 2012: New York Knicks Vs Miami Heat Game 1 Highlights (0-1)”

  1. TheMittensofBoom

    Heat wouldn’t have even made the finals if Derrick Rose and Joakim Noah weren’t injured. The bulls play lockdown defense

  2. MrCTaylorGang

    i guess you can kill yourself now

  3. MrCTaylorGang

    he wasn’t exposed, he was overhyped by the media, lin had some very big games against teams the lakers but miami is known for their great team defense and once lin faced them he got a dose of reality

  4. minotaurianss

    Wow after watching this, I don’t understand how everyone was grilling Jeremy Lin for being exposed by Miami heat, it looks like just expose everyone.

  5. doggamerz

    lbj well done

  6. diatribeeverything

    haha, suck a dick! you and that other hater lambeer!

  7. demarcusdaddyd

    Lmao they got a ring dick head…
    (troll face) U mad?????

  8. neradoor13its

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  9. mike jemson

    rofl hater get a life and a job. btw hows your nba carrer? what you dont got one? celtics fan :]

  10. girlongirlsexvideos

    go heat 😉 always gets me hott!
    girlongirlsexvideos (dot) com

  11. ohnasd

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  12. MrDylanSix

    @jipeon Agreed. As long as LeBron, Wade, and Bosh never win a chip together. My life would be complete. Lol how do they afford them? Oh wait their bench is full of D-Leaguers:

  13. MrDylanSix

    @BullShitThat I agree. Some really bs calls for Dirk last year against OKC in the Western Finals. There was one where Serge Ibaka accidentally breathed near his airspace and they called a foul on him. A ton of phantom fouls though, against all the teams that played the Mavs. But I’m still happy the Heat lost lol.

  14. Alex Miles

    lebron makes everything look so easy

  15. dhvjhcvjzxhv

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  16. Reuben Adrian

    completely like this kind of youtube video – NBA Playoffs 2012: New York Knicks Vs Miami Heat Game 1 Highlights (0-1). and I simply would like to state that “50inchvertical (dot) com” really did assist me to jump much higher with regard to the few individuals who were dissing it. I can do a basic dunk dunk and it has no more than been 3 weeks. Right before the routine, I weren’t able to even put my hands on the basketball backboard. For that reason quit making lies up about the program.

  17. palmer25000

    Miami killed ir

  18. palmer25000


  19. nbaislebronjames

    ITS NOT 0-1 ITS 1 AND0

  20. hector moncion

    miami all day hahahahahahahahahahahahahahhaha knicks lost

  21. tripodpain

    the 2 teams that are ruining the sport. making super teams and stealing players from small markets. i hope neither ever wins because neither deserves it.

  22. KoreanSatan

    The Heat sendLIN Knicks to a Golf course for some golfLin.

  23. yeaabuddy305


  24. thekinglivesforever6

    that’s ever player, especially if the points are needed.

  25. likkadikka

    and the oscar goes to…. LEBRON!!!!!!

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