NBA Playoffs 2012: Miami Heat Vs New York Knicks Game 4 Highlights (3-1) Melo Game Winner

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25 Responses to “NBA Playoffs 2012: Miami Heat Vs New York Knicks Game 4 Highlights (3-1) Melo Game Winner”


    @Jay Leverant yeah you wish

  2. iGoHardboii

    The Heat gave NYK this game they felt bad for melo cause the knicks havent won a playoff game in 9 years something like that

  3. AriesNY12

    Knicks got lucky

  4. rubixromano

    Why the final score says: “C. ANTHONY (MIA) 41 PTS, 6 REB”?

  5. marquis heard

    i bet you feel stupid now dont you and no im not a heat fan

  6. sohbkobe

    I have to say the knicks got pretty far with what they have been through and finishing strong. There was linsanity, that ended, they ended up playing without him for the rest of the season, shumpert was injured, couldnt play in the rest of the playoffs, amare breaks his hand and misses a playoff game, he eventually comes back and pretty much plays this game with one hand(u could see how easy it was to steal it from him) and davis is injured and cant play game 5. U hav to be proud of them for ev

  7. Jay Leverant

    I hope New York Knicks would be back STRONG next season with a NEW and BETTER Jeremy Lin!!!!!!!!

  8. greenraider28

    say what?

  9. imillr75

    searchndownload(.)com/nba STREAM

  10. NBAslammer6

    so right

  11. NBAslammer6

    it’s cool how good Amare could play with his hand
    GO BOSH!!!

  12. RicanAFuego

    This was the greatest game of the whole fuckin series!

  13. SuperBoyrable


  14. dirtydiaper dave

    Miami ain’t winning no damn ring this year u dumb crazy fool

  15. Aeron Peters

    “yeah man!, this guy outside bit my hand! damn! he was all naked and shit!

  16. ISAYFTW100

    They lost on purpose to sell more seats more seats=more money for the players

  17. gtr35800


  18. joemar nufable

    natalo pah ang miame heat….anu bayan..

  19. josefhadijan

    speak english please

  20. ajcutes1110

    you shut the fuck up and just watch, moron

  21. mrM3CHAN1C24

    Heat wont get past boston without bosh KG will eat em without bosh with bosh Give miami the ring now

  22. teramarupeace

    ラブ ひーと



  24. CopperheadViper

    Bibby still has it.

  25. max hirsch

    ok u can b like tht, make urself feel better. fuckin queer

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