NBA Playoffs 2012: LA Clippers Vs Memphis Grizzlies Highlights April 29, 2012 Game Recap

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25 Responses to “NBA Playoffs 2012: LA Clippers Vs Memphis Grizzlies Highlights April 29, 2012 Game Recap”

  1. 20GRED

    Clipper Fucked The Memphis Teddy Bears up

  2. 20GRED


  3. Danthemax123

    rudy gay disliked this video because he saw himself gay

  4. Omar Baydoun

    rudy gay disliked this

  5. David Blankley

    DJ would pump speights any day like if u agree

  6. David Blankley

    SHUT UP!

  7. David Blankley

    thumbs up if u thought clippers were going to win the 2012 playoffs

  8. keyblader073

    Let’s go LAC

  9. keyblader073


  10. mdv5333

    THE 2012 PLAYOFFS ARE RIGGED!!! REAL TALK…Memphis Could Have and Shouldve beat them Soft Clipper boys from LA in 4 games!!! Damn KIA…… DWade missing dunks and going 7 games against INDIANIA..TOO FAKE… Look at wat they wearing…TOO GAY…DONE wit the NBA business

  11. Dr3nic4k

    Nice game go Memphis :D

  12. MrDasilva8383

    Nice game go clips

  13. Hardbody654

    SHUT UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. TheCycadsAreAudible

    LOL. Tennessee

  15. jerobussio

    after Rudy Gay scored those 2 points the Grizz lead by 1 98-97 then Paul score both points from the ft line, listen

  16. TwoBigBlackGuys

    2:45 “1 point lead for the grizzlies” their down by 1 ??

  17. lifehouseDs

    what about sick dunk on griffin in this game?? NBA sucks his ass for sure

  18. wrcTeamINFINITI09

    They completely wore out Memphis and just stopped them at 95 points, very impressive. GO CLIPPERS

  19. dale frank

    That was very irresponsible of the clippers, don’t they realize they nearly gave poor ralph lawler a heart attack.

  20. PaulGilbertrulezzz

    Clippers did a great job but I still think Memphis is gonna win the series….

  21. Socko818

    Chris Paul still had hope they would win

  22. Socko818

    Clippers all the way they never give up until the end

  23. Tremaine Johnson

    does anybody have this full game online please

  24. TheeSinner310

    Wow. I love this game.

  25. Rocky C


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