NBA Playoffs 2012: Indiana Pacers Vs Orlando Magic Game 4 Highlights (3-1) OT

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25 Responses to “NBA Playoffs 2012: Indiana Pacers Vs Orlando Magic Game 4 Highlights (3-1) OT”

  1. WhisperingAlone

    if Dwight was already the series will be much more competitive..but i still think the Pacers would won roster overall

  2. umut çakmak

    indiana pacers <3

  3. Slick Nick

    great game…everyones jumping to conclusions saying the magic are guna be the next bobcats this season but if they play anything like they did in this series we could see a .500 ball club gettin one of those final playoff spots. i’m predicting a heart and hustle part 2 with these guys

  4. TheMax552

    I Went To This Game , I Was So Pissed !!! I Didnt Even Watch Game 5 After That Disappointing Loss !!

  5. TheMax552

    Dwight Was Injured Thats Why We Lost

  6. 00ORL12


  7. nikesback

    the hoop must be 5foot 10

  8. Ciaran Micah

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  9. lilTiger03

    Heat and Pacers Series Coming up !

  10. shiv ramharak

    im srry magic

  11. KGahan101

    Well this is suprisqsing pacer cpntrolling Dwight

  12. YolandaSchneiderld

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  13. janjackson43

    Bog baby did a good job!

  14. Trey CR

    Jameer trying so hard to be the face the Magic

  15. jamesli322

    5:09 small Baby Shaq….

  16. DXfan4ever100

    great comeback by the Magic but still wasn’t enough

  17. Dat Tran

    good game :-bd

  18. Miami Heat

    I tot its Carmelo

  19. runescapeglicthes

    Larry Bird should make a comeback

  20. th3one20

    nah, David West should play for C’s.

  21. TravisSparks23

    i know man.heartbreaking lost for the magic

  22. 鵬宇 黃

    Ewing is not good-looking…

  23. TheRealHipHopHeads

    Celtics could have use Big Baby

  24. TheRealHipHopHeads

    dam Nelson could have tied the series….

  25. Ishan Patel

    Not a bad game…….

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