NBA Playoffs 2012 First Round: OKC Thunder Vs Dallas Mavs GM 4 (OKC Wins Series 4-0)

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25 Responses to “NBA Playoffs 2012 First Round: OKC Thunder Vs Dallas Mavs GM 4 (OKC Wins Series 4-0)”

  1. nbabasketball4ever

    The only way to stop Dirk is to foul. The only way to stop Kevin Durant is to pray, triple team, and pray.

  2. BballAllStar33

    to bad man,VC needs a ring

  3. sosmenajesse

    well done OKC

  4. sosmenajesse

    MAVS ^^

  5. pivotmaster611

    were in the finals right now lakers spurs are already thunderstruck

  6. ElzieBibbs


  7. edmon91

    where Vince Carter goes, his team suffers.

  8. sesh420buds

    It’s called a Eurostep. Know your facts before spewing out nonsense.

  9. codename672

    James Harden clearly traveled.

  10. poplippednigga

    Momma joke from a stranger…k

  11. rihards martuzans

    Actions Speak Louder Than Words we will see it after if lakers beats denver.

  12. MrDarksword123

    haha idk, it could go either way, I just want the first round to be over, it’s taking forever.

  13. MrDarksword123

    Kobe is the only one who has come to play during that series. Bynum and Gasol have been soft and lazy. I dont see how the lakers are having so much trouble with denver, lakers have a beast starting lineup compared to denver’s. Denver is a good team, and LA is just getting outplayed, Kobe is the only one that is doing anything though. If they beat denver, they will stand no chance against OKC. OKC is the real deal.

  14. rihards martuzans


  15. chuggawoo

    hardens gonna be a problem for your mothers vagina

  16. chuggawoo

    i think you mean nuggets haha


    Yeah we will see what happens when the mavs sign deron williams and possibly d howard.. That would be equavilent to kd havin westbrook.. U gta understand dirk is a legend and once they build around him they will go on a run.. Its all about the lakers or whatever, but u take away gasol and bynum and they aint shit, kobe cant do it by hiself, the mavs have brendan haywood and ian mahimi in the painr, fukin trash ass centers who give them like 5 pts a game, gasol n bynum give la around 30 a game!

  18. themjanah

    yaeh… mavs are losers…..

  19. MrDarksword123

    idk, they havent even finished off denver yet

  20. rihards martuzans

    lakers ar ready for evrything

  21. meaperscreepers

    haha we’ll see….

  22. poplippednigga

    Im a heat fan.. But Harden gonna be a fucking problem for the heats bench

  23. BBalllegend1000

    @BullShitThat The thunder series dallas played better than the thunder clean and simple. And the heat? Nothing wrong with the officiating, heat got beat, dallas played better, closed out games, you wanna see horrible officiating? Watch the lakers-sacramento 2002 west finals, that was unfair and im a laker fan saying that

  24. Andrew Hymer

    Boring Mavs…… out!

  25. bigdawgdl

    I hope these teams play each other every postseason, the I 35 rivalry. Nothing better than being an opposing team’s fan in the other team’s arena while their team gets swept. The 2 cities are just under a 3 hr drive apart. BTW, lol at how little of a deterent at the rim Dirk is. You know your defense sucks and your team is old, when Derek Fisher and making athletic drives and finishes at the rim on you

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