NBA Playoffs 2012 – Dwyane Wade 41 points, 10 rebounds & 3 assists @ Indiana in Game 6 [HD]

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23 Responses to “NBA Playoffs 2012 – Dwyane Wade 41 points, 10 rebounds & 3 assists @ Indiana in Game 6 [HD]”

  1. Tylerpharris2012

    wtf i clicked this and opened another vid in a tab and the same mitt romney add was playing. now im not gonna vote 4 u 4 sure u annoying bitch

  2. darthvador0

    Lol your just a mad Indiana fan….

  3. pcdubs17

    1:58 travel

  4. RRMusic93

    Lebron is not more clutch than Wade, or at least he wasn’t before this past season. I’d still say Wade is more clutch, Lebron isn’t very clutch at all.

  5. kingbcoco

    what you mean the post up lebron worked on it with hakeem the dream

  6. Prostyles25

    wade struggled because he was healthy. i think wade is better than lebron. before they played together wade owned lebron and those sorry ass cavs all the time.

  7. Frankie71809

    D Wade & Lebron together got the potential to be just as good as Pippen & Jordan together. If not better. Both still in they prime. They can only get better.

  8. matonez243

    Wade was better than lebron till he decided to step down and let lebron lead the team everything lebron does now he got from wade he couldn’t even post up before last yr

  9. liv34today

    I’m sorry but this was with a knee drain and he was mad so he does what he always does he comes out strong. Can’t wait for the beginning of this season he is going to be on a mission.

  10. A2cool

    Yes thats true, he still was effective on defense though, I think Wade’s the best defender on the team.

  11. DeadxThrone1

    I do love Wade but I agree with you. Wade averaged 22,5,5 and that’s because LeBron fed him the ball. If it wasn’t for Wade’s knee issue, the title would have come without the struggles.

  12. Lonte91

    Im been Dwade fan, and yes Lebron is the best, but it doesn’t matter because they are on the same team. They make each other better.

  13. zombieclowns2011

    I know but still,every since Lebron came Wade was not even talked about only inn the 2011 finals were he was amazing.A other thing is they say Lebron is more cluth then wade.

  14. poplippednigga

    Seriously I am a huge D Wade fan, but Lebron was the best in the league hands down. He didn’t have one bad game in the playoffs while Wade struggled a couple games

  15. A2cool

    WTF!! Lebron damn near averages 30, 8 8, he’s the reason why Wade & everyone else on that team are able to do what they do. U are either blind or on the hatewagon if you think LeBron numbers don’t translate into MVP

  16. zombieclowns2011

    Thats what pisses me off.If Wade scored 60 points grabbed 20 rebounds an dished 20 assists.They would say lebron with a usual mvp like performance 20 points! Wtf? Lebron is way overrated wade deserves credit.

  17. terry luck

    lebron gets all the credit at the end

  18. im1808sf

    d wade loves his crossovers 

  19. IdontBlink123

    yeah? you think so?

  20. XxDrD34THxX

    faggot laker fan

  21. IdontBlink123

    you wanna beat the shit outtaa me?

  22. XxDrD34THxX

    someone should beat the shit out of u

  23. IdontBlink123

    Lebron traveled

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