NBA Playoffs 2012: Denver Nuggets Vs Los Angeles Lakers Game 1 Highlights (0-1)

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25 Responses to “NBA Playoffs 2012: Denver Nuggets Vs Los Angeles Lakers Game 1 Highlights (0-1)”

  1. Alex Miles

    bynum’s like ‘”get that shit outta here!!”

  2. MrJohsei

    Is it just me or does Blake’s shot look extremely close to Bryant’s?

  3. Nissim Giacomo

    really really like this particular video clip – NBA Playoffs 2012: Denver Nuggets Vs Los Angeles Lakers Game 1 Highlights (0-1). and so I just need to point out that “50inchvertical (dot) com” sincerely did assist me to leap alot higher for the one or two ppl who were bashing it. I can now nearly dunk and it has at most been 3.5 weeks. Prior to following the system, I wasn’t even able to even put my hands on the basketball net. That’s why stop making lies up about the system.

  4. bilal karim

    Denver Nuggets vs Los Angeles Lakers Live @

  5. Sideswipe787

    kobes better then gallinari

  6. nzmopar66

    Gallinari that was a sick move, but what made it better was you did it right round Kobe Bryant.

  7. nookiezolyd

    Welcome to “BLOCK” party.

  8. kunelite

    Damn they did it big right there. I peeped some good teamwork, and Kobe gets his 31 points. Bynum did 1 thing as well. 10 blocks!?. Everyone’s happy.

  9. Mcdaddy909

    @ironManSportsTroll in REALITY dont givee aaaa fccckkkk now let me enjoy my nba playoff biiootcchh

  10. 415Underdog


  11. MrZahwesome

    @PetronBlazeBooster and who got owned by bynum?

  12. MrWatchmen759

    lol kobe had the last laugh 

  13. Jaypee Laforteza

    @ 0:59
    Kobe got schooled.

  14. refuse2lose1985

    @ 1:32
    When did we trade for Dirk?

  15. ClarkyWarky2

    Clippers won 99-98 27 point comeback mothafuckassssss

  16. exotics4lyfe

    word bro they just gotta put there heads on straight and win this round of playoffs. tired of seeing the nuggets getting blown out every first round

  17. TheChosenfee

    Yes I like how they underrate bynums performance.

  18. Liang Jin

    Thumbs up if you realize that Andrew Bynum is the best in this video.

  19. ijohnrc

    wow. kobe passed the ball!

  20. supadupadupa100

    • ——————/´ ¯/)
    ——–(‘(———- ¯~/’–‘)

  21. Tyler Thomas


  22. elisaalbelo

    i know right!

  23. sbyman96

    Man fuck the lakers. They’re good but the players have the worst attitudes. Just look at Kobe and Artest. Those guys need some adjustments. Too full of themselves

  24. coolmoon62

    LAL all the best!

  25. aaronl22

    wow Steve Blake

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