NBA Playoffs 2012: Boston Celtics Vs Atlanta Hawks Game 5 Highlights (3-2)

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25 Responses to “NBA Playoffs 2012: Boston Celtics Vs Atlanta Hawks Game 5 Highlights (3-2)”

  1. mark vargas

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  2. misterdanton

    its okay baby anthony……its okay

  3. Wing Adrian

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  4. Gupitor

    hawks will what ? lol

  5. hila becky

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  6. gon gon

    im for the hawks to beat the celtics but i don’t Think they can

  7. GAMC91

    If they had a time out, something good might have happened.

  8. GAMC91

    What really made us lose was that Paul Pierce threw an airball with still 18 seconds remaining in the shot clock! He made a 3-pointer in the previous possession so I guess he thought he could do something epic again. He should’ve waited for a better execution, or even better, he should’ve passed the ball.

    But mistakes are part of it! They’ll learn from it, game 6 is ours.

  9. brian27610

    Stop blaming rondo you trolls, it was great defense on both side of the court, rondo with a nice steal, and the hawks with nice transition defense on rondo.

    rondo was basically triple teamed trying to keep the ball, that shit is hard.

  10. brian27610

    without rondo, the celtics would have lost anyways, so quit your bitchin

  11. besmeum

    that explains why they have the lead…..

  12. besmeum

    This is no problem. Game 6 is in Boston, we’ll beat their ass like we did in game 4.

  13. AmirLucasCashton

    Hawks will win in 7

  14. Casper Rene

    Damn the Hawks got so lucky that time ran out.
    The game was awesome ! But I think the Celtics will win game 6. : )
    Let’s see how the Heat does tonight!

  15. andy39988

    c’mon guys, imaging celtics without rondo, dont blame rondo

  16. cobaltbluehue2

    Go Rondo !!! Go Celtics !!!

  17. Necron44

    Really people? All you can do is blame Rondo for losing the ball at the end? That’s why we lost? No other reason? How about “nice steal Rondo” to even get us that chance to win at the end. And he didn’t “drop the ball” or “hold the ball instead of getting it to KG or Pierce”.. no.. he was TRYING to do what he needed, but was being defended well! I’m a Celtics fan but I’m sorry people, the Hawks did play well in this game (not the whole time, but for long enough).

  18. swofford71

    We just lost some days of rest, thats all.

  19. flipaxko

    trade rondo nxt szon

  20. Lin Andrew

    Nice drop  Rondo

  21. Lin Andrew

    What a nice lose ball!!!:))

  22. Lin Andrew

    Nice drop Rondo!!:)

  23. daanmagier

    ahah rondo, wtf was that?

  24. redkem80

    Damn Rondo 🙁

    Gonna win the series at Home though!!

  25. topman minardo


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