NBA Playoffs 2012: Atlanta Hawks Vs Boston Celtics Game 3 Highlights (1-2) HQ

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24 Responses to “NBA Playoffs 2012: Atlanta Hawks Vs Boston Celtics Game 3 Highlights (1-2) HQ”

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  3. Shawnkilla601

    Damn atl why our fans can’t be like okc.Just get rid of the whole roster cuz ain’t nobody from the hawks got heart just play for money.

  4. ryxy jygz udan

    Go celtics

  5. DzekoVelez

    lmao yeah right

  6. DzekoVelez

    shut the hell up

  7. ayanyan445566

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  8. Kareem Fuller

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  9. zoldick

    Go hawks !

  10. ryiohjfskaod

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  11. kylencsite


  12. cru jack

    celtics are going to win the championship

  13. TheAmbivalency

    This is what I like to see, Celtics playing hard.

  14. GcrewEnT

    Lebrom alldayyy

  15. abbo9100

    Rondo is epic

  16. MrWwefan619

    lakers fan here and I have to say I am pretty impressed with the celtics I respect paul pierce

  17. CptRexFilms987654321

    Anyone watch the Celts shit on the hawks tonight? Oh it was just me?…

  18. DellaSandovall9

    Grab Free NBA Jersey at ” ” FTW…

  19. oO0randomzach0Oo

    T-Mac should’ve always been playing more and we would’ve won game 2. Marvin Williams is not worth the threading used to make his number 24 uniform, WHAT A BUST! I supported him for a long time but I can’t believe he still such a bad player <:( We will win this series though if Josh Smith is healthy and T-MAC plays like THAT again. GO HAWKS!!

  20. SUCCESSThe


  21. Alex Julian

    of course they lost, because Josh Smith didnt even play 🙂

  22. TheTenaciousTim

    lol “Metta World War” that’s good

  23. Casper Rene

    awesome competitive game 

  24. RegretsCondemnation

    Come on Hawks! You guys have THE T-mac-Attack!

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