NBA Playoffs 2011 Preview

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25 Responses to “NBA Playoffs 2011 Preview”

  1. NBAMiXeS4LiFe

    What program did you use??

  2. Antoine Lacour

    No problem.

  3. corremember

    let me guess, lebron traveled right.

  4. CallMeKalapacs

    Two Steps From Hell Love & Loss

  5. traskis11

    best of all!

  6. Albert Min thant

    what is the songs name

  7. baseballboy1718

    whats the song playing in the background?

  8. James5222

    im still watching this even though the playoffs ended 2 wks ago

  9. KidSamu3L

    no words just watch it /watch?v=t3hE_akGoRU

  10. m2e1iriko

    Thank you guys for 100K views 🙂

  11. VasilisRethymno


  12. blartjunior21

    hahah i think someone posted the song already, but its cool…..its by Two Steps From Hell– Love & Loss….sick video bro, keep it up lol

  13. jorgenba24

    cual es la cancion

  14. jorgenba24

    which is the song

  15. NealReidO

    m2e1iriko, NealReidO is 5 10, American and could dunk. what do you mean white men can’t jump? It’s simply about the training people do to get their vertical leap to be high enough to dunk. But for me, I personally used the exercise workout over at “50-inch-vertical[dot]com”

  16. MaupNBA

    Holy fuck…

  17. mazymade

    so now that everybody knows that the lakers arent three peating…we already know that the celtics going all the way!!!

  18. 09051621845

    go la lakers!!!

  19. wonderafro1original


  20. Xaviergw

    did you find the vids at this great quality? or did you edit them?

  21. Michael Taylor

    San Antonio and Orlando lost. I went 6-2. Here are my predictions for the Second Round Conference Finals.

    1. Miami vs Boston = Miami.
    2. Los Angeles vs Dallas = Los Angeles.
    3. Chicago vs Atlanta = Chicago.
    4. Memphis vs Oklahoma = Memphis.

  22. dickinsonmr1

    What song did you use for the background music?

  23. Antoine Quinche

    Wonderful ! :0

  24. fastbreakmac

    i think i just had an orgasm

  25. nkkulkarni

    where did you get the clips that you used because they are really good quality. I just wanted to ask. Good job with the vid.

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