NBA Playoffs 2011: Miami Heat Vs Chicago Bulls Game 5 Highlights (4-1) Miami Won The Series

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25 Responses to “NBA Playoffs 2011: Miami Heat Vs Chicago Bulls Game 5 Highlights (4-1) Miami Won The Series”

  1. swippa1000

    Haters you just witnessed Greatness at its finest.

  2. Eyad Qandalaft


  3. Eyad Qandalaft

    HE IS CLUTCH! and he is the chosen one..! oo|oo

  4. lakewade

    yow chicago fans stop dreaming about bulls beatin the heat in playoffs coz thats not gnna happen. and most of you saying that how lucky the heat last season because drose got injured. even if drose was there there is no way they can beat the heat. peace!

  5. Jonathan Baez


  6. johnc08fan

    I literally was but yeah tbh i thought OKC had it and i just didnt expect the way Lebron Played he was deservedly the MVP . Have to praise when someone beats you’re expectations i guess.

  7. mranthonymcneil85

    It does take a big man to admit that and you get my respect for doing so. I chuckled a little when I read that you were throwing up while typing that…

  8. papajfunkps3

    Lebron is better than griffin and rondo but wade is more skilled than lebron

  9. Franco Madrid

    Hes clutch

  10. vickyman V


  11. McDude171

    yeah! everybody knows heat is better than bulls heat has won the bulls 83 to 72!

  12. cooperbro438

    D rose ain’t over rated yall stupid he’s amazing I’m a Celtic fan but I kno it he just doesn’t have the team that Miami has

  13. AriesNY12

    @johnc08fan Yeah well look at you know? WRONG and feeling liking a dumbass!!! Hahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahhaahhahahahahahahahahhahahahahahhahahahahhahahahahahahhaahhaahhahahahhahahhahah

  14. AriesNY12

    @papajfunkps3 Stay off drugs please. They’re not good for you.

  15. jyoon0205


  16. anthony cheesman

    after this game ik d rose was overrated lol

  17. JimboSlice01

    you know nothing about basketball , and obviously a hater , griffin? , rose?, rondo? ,wade? durant? LMFAO , i wanna hear from you how these guys are better then lebron so i can embarrass you

  18. ebeledi

    wade better than Lebron? this season? HELL NO!

  19. cnnadash12

    he won a ring so he is clutch

  20. papajfunkps3

    no he is not i am tired of people overeating him his good but not the best is wade durant griffin rose or rondo

  21. undertaker06able

    I did

  22. TheAlDuude

    this fucking commentator sucks.

  23. iGoHardboii

    Lebron the Drose Stopper (:

  24. UFO Neptune

    Wanna Hear A Joke, Your Asssssssssssssssss

  25. Julian Miguel Cac

    offensive foul on carlos because he pushed mario chalmers

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