NBA Playoffs 2011: Best Moments To Remember HD

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25 Responses to “NBA Playoffs 2011: Best Moments To Remember HD”

  1. AJVersatility19

    He picked the ball up with his right leg on the floor(that doesn’t count as a step. It’s the step you take AFTER you pick the ball up, not while you pick it up). 2 steps. Perfectly legal. 

  2. ozzy4ever666

    2011 Playoffs > Any playoffs in recent memory

  3. Panagiotis Mathiopoulos

    Can anyone tell my how the 1st song called?please

  4. iFrostiy

    Oh. I don’t watch too much NBA so i didn’t know. I did know that it was 2 1/2 steps though. That’s why i was confused

  5. calebowens32

    Look at everyone in the nba, people can get away with like 3 and a half. It’s kind of stupid. In the nba, the rule is two and a half but they usually just take 3

  6. TheVictorMarley

    Lebron a La And1’s Style!!!

  7. john21005

    Whats the third song

  8. iFrostiy

    He takes like 3 steps?

  9. calebowens32

    How is it?

  10. calebowens32

    Hmmm, I wonder who is a Heat fan, jeez. How many highlights did you show against them? ZERO

  11. SyKoxDeviiL

    What is the song called, ASAP?

  12. KOBEGOTTHIS24000

    Ur a laker hater one good shot made by Kobe was the only one u should hater

  13. iFrostiy

    5:05 thats the lakers we know hah

  14. iFrostiy

    1:02 how the fuck is that not a travel?

  15. Tory Overby

    at 0:00 Derek Fisher is gettin it!! haha

  16. drose1kd35

    The creator of this video is hatin on drose.

  17. Nitrogehn

    Anybody notice something at 9:40 . Something black appear in the camera and it like flew across the camera?

  18. jonny4ya

    it kills me to see all of derricks mistakes in these playoffs

  19. NovaFootball32

    Damn that play @ 0:08 was so nice

  20. Renzythegreat91

    @Ryan Madden You sound butthurt lol

  21. Talia Ronberg


  22. AustinAMH1587

    Dirk put bosh’s stuff on the backboard

  23. Ryan Madden

    Poor officiating is why we lost Lechoke still sucks.

  24. MyGunYourHead317

    explains while we won? your garbage ass team probably lost

  25. Ryan Madden

    Used to seeing what poor officiating.

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