NBA Playoffs 2009 – Round 2 [specimen86]

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25 Responses to “NBA Playoffs 2009 – Round 2 [specimen86]”

  1. blackthunder6207

    what a great video!!

  2. lilsmoove27

    Wade was robbed of the MVP

  3. Zebeldarebel

    man this is legit.

  4. ivaandanceer


  5. huilo20111

    unbelieveble talent

  6. Luis Gomez


  7. horrormena

    increbible playoffs nothing more to say….

  8. cortexjam1

    9:15 what’s song name?

  9. MarcioFilhoMs

    Ok, thanks!

  10. N2LR3demption

    He isnt going to cause he loves lebron and lebron loses

  11. mj4lyfe404

    i liked what you did for game 7 of lakers and rockets keep it up

  12. Anxxufx1

    Playoffs 2009!!!!!!!Epic

  13. dreamEternal


  14. kobe2437

    What are the song you used? GREAT VIDEO

  15. N2LR3demption

    nope hes a lebron fan obviously

  16. akaurfear

    There is no round 3 vid ?

  17. 8Matrix8

    great videos m8, playoffs 2009 was an incredible exciting year! :D

  18. XxKiidswaggaXx

    You have to do this years playoffs

  19. MarcioFilhoMs

    Congratulations by yours videos!!!
    You shoud make a of the conference finals highlights!!!
    (Sorry for my bad english)

  20. XxKiidswaggaXx

    Celtics vs Magics was real epic O.o

  21. wet0928

    likes a movie

  22. Cheng-Yi Chiang


  23. Flight385Pro

    Great job bro.
    Waiting for more from you.

  24. tpa1234

    Love your music ,you make the game is not just a game.
    Thank for the effort . :)

  25. reing790705

    !!!nice video

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