NBA on TNT Playoffs – Jeremy Piven intro

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25 Responses to “NBA on TNT Playoffs – Jeremy Piven intro”

  1. notter101

    Someone show this to Dwight Howard.

  2. mor235

    ari gold!!

  3. MissDeeCole

    whatever happened to this guy

  4. 1amlegend11

    dirk has soccer skills

  5. lkoumides

    damn this is awsome! i mean i watch and smile all the way through! Just great!

  6. Eric Yi

    even though it’s old this has to be my favorite nba playoffs commercial.

  7. tenordude14

    wow… that was intense. I’m not a basketball fan but man does he get me excited for it!

  8. DFBda2nd

    this man shud b the spokesperson of the nba
    haha, he does it better than anyone you can find

  9. boym33tsjew

    @swissensation i know what you mean

  10. russell sanders

    Ari Gold digs the playoffs

  11. policemofo


  12. opgon

    No lloyd sucks cock haha

  13. LSDetroit

    Piven sucks cock.

  14. miguelin97223

    yes, the 09 promo is more of a science fiction work. they have lebron playing chess.

  15. ImmortalDragon

    I think it’s called “Checkmate”

    Here: watch?v=pXwK-sRuG1g

  16. johnthecoolguy

    was there a 09 promo i must have missed it??

  17. jalau123

    wow the last bit had my hair stand on end.. awesome…

    but the lbj part? kinda lame

  18. ImmortalDragon

    I have no idea dude. :/

    Kobe= MVP

  19. 24K0be24Bryant24

    name of the background song? please reply

  20. AJVersatility19

    haha chris rock did a better job in 08 all star game. well its cuz they have different styles, but i still like funny more

  21. xXGowgasTracyxX


  22. beanieman148

    luv it!

  23. 12sharmar

    if u can copy this and paste on another video holding ur breath u r a good kisser

    ( i wanted to try it , i’m a totally good kisser….even took the time to write this sidenote……awesome 😛 )

  24. shine1923

    this is epic

  25. scrum7

    great concept, but piven overdoes it

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