NBA on TNT – History of Headbands

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25 Responses to “NBA on TNT – History of Headbands”

  1. Brain Scalabrine

    I look good in a headband….

  2. jameswwwayoutthere

    dumb as a bag of niggas

  3. YekUnit

    lebron is going to have that big ass headband like melo someday…

  4. EspadaNegative1

    cant play my player without the headband!

  5. jcortiz9

    “I thought my name was Charles Barkley Sucks for a while” hahaha

  6. ortonforpresident

    C’mon guys how do you not mention Mike Bibby on here

  7. bigmelo19

    Cliff robinson and chris gatling owned those bands in the 90’s

  8. Yutaka Yen

    2:28 Scalabrine!

  9. jean santos

    PG: Ty Lawson
    SG: Rip Hamilton
    SF:Carmelo Anthony
    PF:Lebron James
    C: Zach Randolph

  10. kacidel5

    What about VC he should’ve been in the video……

  11. pearcemark2

    lookin cool

    and I supposed if you’re looking for a practical use, dudes with long hair keep it out of their eyes, and maybe it could keep some sweat from dripping down

    but mainly just to look cool

  12. Dave Agbuya

    Why did they wear headband? WHat is the headband for

  13. fishandcrap

    go to the link that i posted on my channel to get the link to the site that is giving away NBA jerseys for free….

  14. Daniel Villegas

    Dafuq did i just watch?

  15. Zephyrr127

    My ALL-HBND team:
    PG: Rondo
    SG: A.I
    SF: Pierce
    PF: LBJ
    C: Wilt

  16. randal1018

    LOL! Am i the only one who wears headbands to keep sweat from getting in my face? 🙂

  17. Rati liklikadze

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  18. TO8

    I’m not big on head bands…it make’s me look like a dork lol. But yeah it only suits certain guys. I could never picture Michael Jordan wearing 1…now that would look weird.

  19. TO8

    I agree. That’s why when you see baseball players or hockey players play in the league for like 10 years if you notice them take off their helmets they have some sort of baldness starting to appear or it’s already there.

  20. bballshawn24wallace

    James headband makes his hairline recede

  21. Neil Caffrey

    If fans went to the games in Seattle you guys wouldn’t be complaining right now.

  22. AcctNo4

    James’s headband is the King’s crown.

  23. razkable

    bigger tradgedy in nba history what the refs and d stern did to the kings in 2002 against the fakers or seattle leaving!

  24. razkable

    didnt dirk wear a headband before jt shoudl know that

  25. razkable

    ask mike it is about the shoes lol 

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