NBA Micro-Movie: 2012 Finals – Game 1

Movie Score: four / 5

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24 Responses to “NBA Micro-Movie: 2012 Finals – Game 1”

  1. Lyxsise

    3:53 Travel?!

  2. NikeYeezy2

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  3. William Kang

    kobe’s been in the NBA longer than Lebron

  4. Austin James

    Okc is better than miami

  5. NikeYeezy2

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  6. vonversace

    after that game 1 lost, ppl were like this going to be a sweep?? OKC bandwagoners included all youtube lakers celtics pacers mavs fans all join the OKC fever and got shitted on AGAIN by the Heat. what a rough couple of weeks after that was huh

  7. MrCesto

    wtf 3.57 isn’t travel?

  8. qo1o4262UYA

    kobes prime was not when he was 28 his prime was in 2003 and 2004 .and ur stupid lebron hasnt even played a full season at age 28 right now idiot.soo that means ur lying about everything. i can make up bs lies too if u want .dumbass .lying to make ur favorite player look good btw im never gonna believe some random shit give real numbers just dont say he had better this that and that .

  9. kaYboi8o8

    Lets compare Kobe’s age 28 to Lebrons 28. Lebron has a higher PPG, APG, BPG, SPG, RPG, Field goal %, Clutch %, Winning % and has a 14-5 record whenever he faces Kobe LOL. Uhhh yes.

  10. qo1o4262UYA

    uhhh no

  11. kaYboi8o8

    Kobe’s prime is still far worse than Lebrons prime. If you want to put it that way.

  12. qo1o4262UYA

    obviously thats a stupid reason to think lebrons better .kobe is gonna be almost 35 by then that means he should be retiring and lebron will be 27. thats old vs prime so thats the most idiotic hypothetical situation ever created .

  13. DizzleProHD


  14. Gaurav Gupta

    I still don’t think LeBron shoots a higher % than Kobe in the last 4 minutes either, but whatever

  15. GoldenSuperJP

    clutch is in the last 4 minutes of a game with the game tied or with a score difference of 4 to 6 points.

  16. Gaurav Gupta

    Show me or tell me what to look up on Google so I can see it for myself

  17. kaYboi8o8

    He does. its on paper.

  18. Gaurav Gupta

    Are you sure? Because last time I checked clutch means the last 2 minutes and I don’t think LeBron shoots a better % than Kobe in the last 2 minutes

  19. kaYboi8o8

    clutch % does exist we already had this conversation. Secondly, Lebron is 34% in the clutch while Kobe is 31% in the clutch..meaning Lebron has a higher clutch %

  20. Gaurav Gupta

    You started it by saying clutch % exists and that LeBron had a higher clutch shooting % than Kobe, which I’m pretty sure is not true.

  21. kaYboi8o8

    No u did moron LOL. did u even read who started this debate? Dear god how many retards live on internet mind boggles me


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  23. MegaElijah21

    While i was rooting for OKC, I am not really mad that Miami won, Lebron deserved his ring, wade his 2nd, and bosh his first as well. Kevin Durant will get a ring in the near future. As laker fan though i really want to see the lebron kobe match up!

  24. Gaurav Gupta

    You’re the idiot who started this debate in the first place, so don’t cry about it to me.

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