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25 Responses to “NBA FUNNY FAIL MOMENTS!!!”


    the music kills the video

  2. justin leung

    When nate tries to jump pierce allens face is like Damn that looked like it

  3. Thule000

    Pro Tip: Put video on mute

  4. TheMVProductionz

    I honestly don’t know what I was thinking when I put this song.. Sorry. Lol.

  5. Axl Sánchez

    Click: Mattress Scare Prank

    Click: Fail Compilation- Break-Best Fails 2013

  6. Dantin Morgan

    Derrick Rose!!! HAHAHA!!!

  7. randi robinson

    shows you short people arnt supposed to jump high nate.

  8. andrian gracia


  9. bryan paule

    funny and unbelievable plays and dunks!!! =)!!!

  10. Nguyen Chau Minh

    everything is normal until 2:45

  11. melfred james

    0:43 haha dat face

  12. khalid williams

    lmfao look at ray allen face at 2:40

  13. greenbaywi920

    lmmfao!! hahaha

  14. Robert Absin


  15. giovanni fouad

    i love nate robinson’s fall 😀

  16. Jericho Lim

    most epic fail 2:50

  17. Carlo Sandy

    @ 2:50…somebody dial 911 !!!!!

  18. Carlo Sandy

    I love Ray Allen’s reaction at 2:42…CLASSIC

  19. DChampeny98

    Nate Robinson and Paul Pierce LOL

  20. mark edzel gabuya


  21. CuzinzBasketball

    the music suckz

  22. jethro gil ramos

    give me your number and i will call you maybe 😛

  23. Kevin Ray Monsale

    Ray Allen’s reaction on Nate Robinson will never get old haha

  24. Teresa Canlas

    0:38 dat face

  25. WannaSeeMyOnix

    I think its having some sort of siezure

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