NBA CIRCLE – Game 5 Celtics Vs Heat Playoffs Eastern Finals Highlights 5 June 2012

Video Score: four / 5

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24 Responses to “NBA CIRCLE – Game 5 Celtics Vs Heat Playoffs Eastern Finals Highlights 5 June 2012”

  1. KaamRomeiser

    @ great video, reminds me of myself – lol. I’m 5 8 and I can dunk. I followed the famous training program that pro players including Kobe Ray Allen and Areans used. If you want more info about the program, check out – 50inchvertical(dot)com

  2. kanguesso

    The Celtics swore they had just won the series by winning this game 5. They didn’t know that all they did was piss off a beast in LeBron James who came back in game 6 and clocked them over the head like they stole something! Foolish Celtics, thinking they can just come in and punk the king!

  3. NeYonBlue110

    LeBron James vs Kevin Durant Finals 2012 mini movie on my page /watch?v=q2bJ57n7b1k

  4. MunasheMasuka

    THE BOSTON BEAT MIAMI THEME SONG is Out with Video!!! LOL ITS FUNNY Check it out type in Boston Beat Miami Theme song by Munashe

  5. azsxdc531067

    Celtics -New championship!!!

  6. yitin1


  7. TheDominionRules

    666 videos O.o

  8. edgar20712


  9. OneRich69

    CELTICS CELTICS CELTICS!!!!!!! Fuck the heat ;)

  10. TheSnewb

    Heat need to want it more!

  11. zox627

    Fuck Yea!


    Hard work over talent. That is what seperates these 2 teams. If any team I really think the Celtics deserve a title this year but at the same time I’m also rooting for okc. The finals should be good.

  13. Sushant Kafle

    first they said.. we dint have bosh…
    then they said we dint have our home court…
    wonder wat they r sayin now….. 😛
    go boston m/

  14. Minh Small

    Celtics !!!! COME ON!

  15. nba543

    I wanted heat to face thunder and celtics to go against spurs i would wanna see those matchups but yea thunder gonna win finals

  16. encognito21

    HaHa! cHEATers never prosper..

  17. jacktriton1

    Yeah celtics bring down the heats

  18. 57TsunamiNinja

    you know what they say GAME 5 IS GAME 7!!!
    go BOSTON!!!!

  19. 57TsunamiNinja

    2:40 how the fuck is that not a charge??

  20. tom1900ful

    88 james:)

  21. Charlton McCullough

    ONE MORE WIN!!!!

  22. MysterySparkz

    nice boston!

  23. daanmagier

    Im a Bulls fan, but the Celtics should absolutely win, i would go crazy if pierce won another Ring >:D

  24. ronzkiification

    Boston vs. Oklahoma? Wow… Two great teams competing for a spot! Men! this two teams are a greatest champion will be written in history. Watch out for that ma men! Okc…. Go…… Boston….. Go……

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