NBA CIRCLE – Game 2 Celtics Vs Hawks Playoffs First Round Highlights May 01, 2012

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24 Responses to “NBA CIRCLE – Game 2 Celtics Vs Hawks Playoffs First Round Highlights May 01, 2012”

  1. Alex Don

    may first is my birthday

  2. mandunya

    but we got spanked by lebron :/

  3. Buckminster Brian

    in all seriousness here if can actually dunk, thus anybody can, I am merely 5’10 no joke. You can do it too, basically just follow a workout regime such as this one that’s over at 50inchvertical. com, it will boost your current leaping ability and your overall basketball ability.

  4. mandunya

    we advanced to second round

  5. DrinkableVideos

    Had to youtube it cos the nba website was being dumb

  6. CliveGains80s

    i actually had a dream last night Celtics won the finals.And someone tacked Piece. I don’t know why.

  7. allendiggsu

    the Truth #DblP

  8. londermandog

    check out A bradley at 2:06….. siiick

  9. 22Jimnz

    Paul Pierce gon show you how.

  10. chocolatemilk333

    whos fuckin with the truth

  11. NBABasketballFan2

    Free NBA Jerseys for all! Checkout my channel 😉

  12. VegitoBlitz24

    Let’s keep at it! Celtic pride!

  13. Dogfood Yardwork

    From Paul Pierce having a huge night

  14. Dogfood Yardwork

    THE TRUTH!!!!

  15. glebambas


  16. Alex Julian

    They win without Roojjooonnnnnn Roooonndddoooo :)

  17. aussie4life05

    Probably the most boring playoff race these 2 teams.

  18. 超人 多啦

    What a big night for PP

  19. Daniel Ferreira

    Suuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck’s Hawks chickens!

  20. Garth806

    ahahah fail ur 2nd dumb fuck

  21. waymewamiyou

    Third again

  22. Funpants94

    lol no you weren’t

  23. Miguel Gonzalez

    second 🙁

  24. Miguel Gonzalez

    first to comment 😀

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