NBA CIRCLE – Game 1 Spurs Vs Thunder Playoffs Western Finals Highlights 27 May 2012

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25 Responses to “NBA CIRCLE – Game 1 Spurs Vs Thunder Playoffs Western Finals Highlights 27 May 2012”

  1. Enigmatic Qs

    your foolish

  2. Multicannonboy101

    has anyone realized why the spurs have gray on their jerseys?

  3. jazzalex22

    Little did we know that this series would be rigged. The greatest tragedies in sports were 2012 NBA Finals, 2012 Eastern and Western Conference Finals, 2011 Eastern Conference Finals, 2008 NBA Finals, and 2007 Eastern Conference Finals, Not Lakers/Kings 2002.

  4. amitboykettlebells

    duncan parker vs durant westbrook

  5. Kobe2PacSpurs

    Spurs should have won

  6. rexryanify

    I would give the edge to the 2011 Mavs

  7. Typho0n86


  8. 13OFWGKTA

    they chocked but u gotta admit u were a lil scared that the thunder was going to lose and spurs were goin to win but they chocked -_-


    and then they lose lol

  10. bubbly871


  11. Andrewbokiwi

    lol I get presumtious when I don’t have my morning weed cigarette 🙂 ….and I’m a RN what a world haha

  12. bubbly871

    I bet u feel pretty dumb right now lol

  13. willbond

    And the winner of the “Dumb Ho Comment of the Week” is……..

  14. 323arana

    That’s what OKC gets for acting hard…lol

  15. Ian Reyes


  16. Jash2o2

    Mavericks were champions last year. Spurs will be the champs this year. Next year will be….Houston Rockets!

  17. OBEYpandaboy

    6 + 6 = 12 Last Time the HEAT won a Championship was in 06 LBJ wears #6 2012 is the Year we we the CHAMPIONSHIP!!!!! 😀

  18. emptyskullify


  19. JesseJS6


  20. LoWmister7

    Now I have not watched the spurs or okc play really I didn’t watch really any basketball but spurs shitted on okc and I was expecting more from okc but they still have much to learn and the spurs should win the championship and I also like the bulls

  21. ChaosTheory210

    Puro Spurs!! Sweep OKC

  22. chiygirl1

    I hope spurs win the championship they deserve it besides the bulls(I’m a bulls fan) go spurs! Much love from chi town

  23. MOllySixxxCA

    the thunder now know how spurs play? You played them 3 times in the regular season and lost twice….and all 3 times you played them Ginobli wasnt playing. The season is OVER for you…take a few weeks off and get urself motived for Sooner football.

  24. Segovia06

    Spurs fans have no reason to believe other wise. The thunder won’t see the Spurs turn the ball over so many times in the first half OKC shoulda ran away with that game the Spurs beat them selves which is the only way OKC has a chance. The Spurs missed so many shots that they usually make it was insane.

  25. juan cruz mansilla

    that Manu fake on Durant was huge!

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