NBA Best Assists Of 2011- 2012 Season HD

Movie Rating: four / five

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24 Responses to “NBA Best Assists Of 2011- 2012 Season HD”

  1. Josh Schmidt

    But yea melo doesnt pass the ball. Stfu

  2. Aaron Mistry

    6:24 YEAH RONDO!!!!!!

  3. macadona123

    6:24 JEEESUS Rondo has everybody on the court in his back pocket almost every time he has the ball.

  4. Marcus Ferguson

    Koby at 2:47 was like pass passs pass

  5. sifsta

    Great assists but horrible song choices

  6. theflipnotize

    i would like to have it known that at 1:42 Blake Griffin was the first man to fly without the use man made external aid.

  7. Joel Nnaji

    the Music is soo annoying!… couldnt even finish watching the stupid video

  8. aodkills

    The music sucks…

  9. Gabriel Combong


  10. Nash Lagerwaard

    where the f*ck is Steve Nash.

  11. Austin Pitts

    Yeah I mean you can’t have an assist highlight reel without Nash

  12. xdmsboy

    referees dont always call everything

  13. Tracy Cartharn

    The songs ruined it

  14. rux021

    First best assist video without a Steve Nash assist

  15. valerie marino


  16. gibson00000000000000

    the songs ruined it.

  17. Jeffrey Levongo

    what is the soundtrack to this video

  18. FaZe Krosss

    its called carmina burmana

  19. dailga

    mgmt- kids

  20. dailga

    rise agianst- paperwings

  21. BasketPlayer HD

    what is the song’s name?

  22. Akeem Diaz

    I Agree, but unappreciated spurs.

  23. Reedsil

    Needs more spurs.. They do these passes every game.

  24. Mitchell Seidl

    what song is at 4:30

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