NBA Basketball – Top 10 Best Dunks Ever

Movie Rating: four / five

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25 Responses to “NBA Basketball – Top 10 Best Dunks Ever”

  1. Artamis2010

    Oh thank you Im not alone to think that people are not objective with Jordan. Vince carter’s dunk were way better.

  2. Leo Top


  3. flipsk8flip


  4. Thekillerpimpam

    This is ridiculous, where the fuck is Jason richardson

  5. Jose Mendoza

    kobes an evil rapest

  6. LeBron James


  7. Frnk27

    lol every last one of them is black.

  8. creeperkilla081

    Thumbs up if your leaning on your right arm…

  9. Kiriltchik

    thumbs up if u think michael jordan is the worst player of the year.

  10. owerty100

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  11. James Alan Hetfield

    shut the fuck up I am right

  12. BallinAllTheTime100

    @James Alan Hetfield you shut up faggot

  13. J Money

    shut up hes right

  14. J Money


  15. J Money

    i dont know bout that

  16. Emre Ünal

    Jordan is the best player ever but vince’s dunk better than his.

  17. raisa gonzalez


  18. PieLover81634

    I thought it would be Vince Carter would be first

  19. James Alan Hetfield

    Carter better than jordan. go home gay

  20. James Alan Hetfield

    thumbs up İf you think Carter is better thank jordan

  21. James Alan Hetfield

    Man of course Vince Carter is the best in dunks !!!!

  22. Arash Lahijani

    dr j should be 1

  23. deeznuts157

    vince carter killed mj. unbelievable aerodynamics

  24. TheDavid7171

    carter was better than jordan in dunks

  25. Mrhamburgerable

    Tbh Carters dunks were way more complicated than jordans.

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