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  1. misterchocolatebear

    1:57 Chuck more worried about damon jones’ coat.

  2. TheMyNameIsMarla

    Thank you for recommending me that site
    cause in my entire life, I finally dunked on
    my basketball hoop! It was awesome and
    one of the best feelings. Im glad my hardwork
    pay off so quickly.

  3. theawsomestdude

    training for math…?

  4. James Lee

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  5. K4inan

    Just to do 10 + 10 + 10 + 10 + 10 – 4 = 46 xD

  6. InsanIV

    Whoaaa.. 3″ vert in 2 weeks. id better go try it too.

  7. powerplayers1

    ::smh @ Hakim Warrick::
    After watching Hakim here & how smooth he moved, I thought he was going to be a star in this league. How WRONG I was…

  8. gregystack27

    Every dunk Nate did iggy could’ve done in a game

  9. Kevin Santos

    ahahaha… AI was like we got robbed!! wtf? ahahaha


    3rd best dunk contest EV3R

  11. KIllaDragon25

    Thank you, his dunks were way better than Nate Robinson’s dunks

  12. brickwall549

    i want to see a slam dunk contest where they try to jump over people but hit them in the face

  13. brickwall549

    all anouncers: that was good that was good that was good that was good that was good i like that i like that i like that i like that i like that

  14. TheUltraClark


  15. yiwei412

    nate bribed the judges…

  16. messiahangelz827

    iguodala did some amazing stuff and should’ve won it

  17. waayzayy

    Andre got robbed

  18. kaaawakilla808

    you fucking bitch stop advertising that site

  19. 1137yoyo

    Iggy got robbed. That’s BS, at first I thought he should have won, but then I saw His first dunk in the final round and thought he didn’t deserve it, but once I saw his last dunk, I realized that the judges robbed Iggy.

  20. rjamal889

    Iggy got robbed.

  21. max pender

    iggy should of won

  22. Johonywuzhere

    Man Iggy’s dunks were way better, he went through the legs, and his behind the back alley oop was amazing, Nate just won cause he’s short.

  23. Jalessa Rogers

    Yo dats Cheryl Miller … Reggie Miller sister and one of the best female basketball players EVER … She n lik evry possible hall of fame u can b n yo!

  24. jhkakorott low

    All I wan to say is… Why the f that the women at the last part is taller than him???

  25. Matthew Jones

    Iggy shouldve won he got robbed but nate is small so he won

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