NBA Basketball Mix Tape Dunks, Dishes & Moves | Shaqtin a Fool NBA Funnies | Comedy Shaq

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23 Responses to “NBA Basketball Mix Tape Dunks, Dishes & Moves | Shaqtin a Fool NBA Funnies | Comedy Shaq”

  1. demondayssean


  2. ConeMixes

    Damnshow’s work.

  3. ExKon3

    haha, in the small penis contest

  4. kongkenned


  5. DamnMixes

    well thanks that was kinda unexpected, if anyone’s interested I got similar mix, with some art work as well wrapping up the recent season featuring best dunks, dishes and defensive plays:


  6. ljcdoj789

    this is the 5th video i seen with Nate Robinson busting his ass

  7. adolphs1012

    Love the art work!

  8. jarheadz96


  9. skysaunders

    Look at those chimps hopping around like baboons.

  10. Andrew3996

    nice song choice i remember this from fifa back in the day

  11. TwisterUpThere

    isnt this damnshow’s mix

  12. MrQ8center

    Duran VS James .. LETS GO !!!!!!!!!!!

  13. NUMAisTheNAME

    As a matter of fact, i was being sarcastic. In society today, a potato is considered as a rather shitty gift. I was modeling the potato gift as an extravagant product with a lot of value, where as actually most people would rather not have a gift at all if it was going to be a potato.

  14. duncantim21iso

    Sarcasm motherfucker
    Do you know it

  15. NardAhoy


  16. whiptyme


  17. imandark0

    2:19..omg do you think the guy fell on his face?!?!?!

  18. NUMAisTheNAME

    that’s being a bit generous isn’t it?

  19. rrrrodry

    that is a song that I hear when I was young, anybody knows the name? sorry my english

  20. Hanafy Johnson


  21. CombatLegsVIDS


  22. Bon3zon3

    Fun to watch

  23. OhhhHeyyyThere

    id take the potato!

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