Miami Heat WIN Game 7 vs. Boston Celtics HIGHLIGHTS | 2012 NBA Playoffs

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25 Responses to “Miami Heat WIN Game 7 vs. Boston Celtics HIGHLIGHTS | 2012 NBA Playoffs”

  1. FreddyKruegerforMVP

    Is that Hate in KG’s face?

  2. YourNameHere136

    why dont you get some of your friends to go to the games, your arena is less than half full most of the time

  3. Mateen Roohani

    your so fuckin retarded rondo. 0:49 i mean how many times does he have to do that until you get the message. Go lay it in when lebron is within a 10 ft. radius. Just stick to passing.


    Celtics were missing very important pieces too

  5. brentisverycool

    lol did rondo try to throw the towel over the camera lens and miss?

  6. slowk20a2s

    and how were they going to do that? I’m pretty sure they knew he was their priority. They couldn’t contain him last season and the the season before. Nobody on that Celtic team has the athleticism to guard him, they would have to double team him to get that done and that would leave open shooters. The Pacers series has shown that Mario, Battier, Haslem, and Miller all could definitely step up when they are needed. Your theory did work when LBJ was with the Cavs when he had nobody helped him.

  7. illmatic615

    Lol @rayallen at the end he knew he was gonna be going to south beach but Boston could have easily won the series if they shutdown James in game 6 at home and scored some points in the fourth quater in game 7

  8. angelica gimpes

    miami heat Vs OKC PART 2

  9. straightgangstas731

    What is with Lebron and jumping over niggas

  10. BlackLegable

    Rondo : hey cameraman your shaking you must be cold put the towel into the cameraman lol

  11. iwilleatyopussy

    Fuck pussy ass Boston and fuck their pussy ass fans! Miami 305 mothafûckazzzz!!! i95 south all day wade county pussy ass hoes!!

  12. lebrondavy27

    hell yeah!!

  13. cloudtifa1

    Dumb? Its the management’s decision too to let Bosh play in game 5.

  14. JSlashPSlash2009

    The Heat are gonna be even more Dangerous this Season… 305 Till I Die !!!

  15. penguins4life20364

    damn i thought heat will win it in 6… holy crap i was as tense as hell in this match

  16. MV Barber

    2 ring for Lebron coming up 2012-2013,Boston fans no matter who u guys got The Heat is a different Monster tho coming season.

  17. LeKan Mensah

    all u celtics fans r making too much excuses when u know chris bosh was out until game 6 and u guys know the only way to beat the heat was to have a legit center dont give me kg he’s a power forward. Spoelstra was being real dumb to not start bosh until the nba finals

  18. ayranmania

    Hmm.. it seems to me that you’re forgetting some details of the Heat’s playoff run this past year. The Heat’s power forward Chris Bosh went down with an abdominal strain injury which sidelined him for almost the 2 entire series. Without his presence the Heat were missing an important piece of the team and they had to find new ways to run things.

  19. Toofsterful

    Mind you Celtics didn’t have a healthy Pierce nor healthy Ray, Wilcox, Avery Bradley, and Jeff Green. Those are pretty big holes in your rotation.

  20. rwarzor

    Because Bosh was injured? If KG was out the celtics wouldn’t have made it to the ECF, if Howard is out the lakers probably wont get past OKC, if durant is out OKC won’t get past LA, Bosh was out and the heat still made it to the finals.

    They’re the team to beat next season. They won the championship and got BETTER.

  21. KrfNYC2

    My man…they won the NBA championship. What don’t you understand about that?

  22. TheFilipinoBoxer

    their productivity is just not the same. no doubt they can still play, but their effectiveness is just down, but well see

  23. RengokuBA


  24. Gupitor

    paul & kg’s game is not based on overwhelming athleticism . . its more about skill & iq and even though they’re older. . they still manage to be productive so.. and its not about who starting 5 is more versatile, its about the totality of the team. .

  25. TheFilipinoBoxer

    but cmon at this point whos starting 5 is more versatile. pierce and kg are just not as good as they were maybe 3 years ago. i guess you could say out of their prime.

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